17th Annual B.E.E.R. Brewer’s Cup Winner: Bobby “Po’ Boy” Rodriguez!!!



Every year the Brewer’s East End Revival Homebrew club hosts an annual Brew-Off. This club is based out of Long Island (NY) and has held the competition in Saint James, NY the past few years. It is an event which draws in 300 or so entries each year and also brings together tons of beer fans from around the country. Entries have come in from all over the country and the homebrewing community is well represented at this event.

A highlight of this annual gathering of brewing fans and skilled artisans is the awarding of the Brewer’s Cup. The winner of the cup has the honor of having their winning homebrew recipe brewed and distributed by a local brewery. In past years breweries have included John Harvard’s and the ever growing Long Island craft brewing pioneers Blue Point Brewing Company. It has been a great thrill for the members of the club to compete for the cup and for the winners to see their beer produced and sold to the thirsty public.

This year Port Jeff Brewing Company was selected to be the brewery who would judge and ultimately brew the winning recipe. Mike Philbrick owner and overall lord and master of PJBC was in attendance at the event and had six brews from which to choose. This was a difficult decision for Mike as the six beers were all well crafted and hailed from a wide spectrum of styles. Mr. Philbrick eventually chose, after long back and forth debate, a beer brewed by Bobby “Po’ Boy” Rodriguez. You may remember Bobby was our partner in crime when we crafted Fünke a Mint Bluberry Kölsch and also as our first guest contributor.


In the end it came down to Bob’s beer and a Flanders Red Ale produced by Alan Wax of the excellent Corks, Caps & Taps. While Alan’s red was intriguing to Mike it eventually was vanquished by Bobby’s barrel-aged, espresso filled love letter to Avery Brewing Company’s Meph Addict (which is their aged imperial stout Mephistopheles with what else added espresso).

So congratulations go out to Bobby and to all those that made it to the final round of judging for the Brewer’s Cup this year. All of the beers were great and Mike enjoyed judging them as much as he is looking forward to brewing with Bob. We here at BLC feel very honored to have been a part of this event and are glad this award went to such a worthy hard working homebrewer (for now). More on Bobby Rodriguez and his endeavors coming soon, there are great things in the works.


Bobby “Po’ Boy” Rodriguez WINNER!

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