All Day IPA (craft can) – Founders Brewing Company (2014)

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BLC Says:

Upon it’s release in 2012, Founders All Day IPA quickly became one of our favorite “session beers”, so we were super excited they started to can it. More exciting yet is that it is being sold in 15 packs that costs as much as most macro brew  12 packs. Perfect for summer in so many ways.

For the sake of this review we did pour the beer into a glass, but we won’t tell the craft beer police if you drink this one straight from the can. Founders All Day IPA pours a hazy golden yellow under a thin, bright white foamy cap with medium bubbles that leaves behind a bit of lacing.  The aroma is  slightly sweet with floral, light citrusy hops and a bit of resin present. A malty sweet caramel backbone is prevalent in the sip but the resiny, fruity hops are front and center. Though the body is light, it doesn’t feel thin in any way and instead just offers refreshment. The aftertaste leaves you with a nice balance of sweet and bitter, with slight floral flavors lingering.

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What Alicia Thinks:

As far as IPA’s go, this is still one of my favorites. It’s even more appealing to me now that it’s available in cans, since I definitely consider this a great outdoor/beach beer. I really like Founders as a brewery and think it’s pretty cool that they are selling this at such a reasonable price and literally giving you three free beers per case. This is an accessible beer for those who aren’t into overly bitter, aggressive IPA’s and the packaging and price point will probably make it a fairly big cross over hit. I can definitely see bringing a few of these 15 packs to a BBQ of people who aren’t necessarily craft beer drinkers and have them gone and enjoyed in no time.

What Kevin Thinks:

As a style the IPA is probably about 90% responsible for my entry into the world of craft beer. The balance and interplay between malty sweetness and bitter, flavorful hops has always been interesting but, up until beers like All Day IPA, came with a shot of alcohol which could sneak up on you. In this can however I find much of the flavor I am looking for with less alcohol.

All Day IPA is all about delivering tons of hops to your senses while balancing them out with a restrained malt character. The flowery, citrus and background pine notes come at you through the aroma, sip and aftertaste but don’t ruin your palate making this a beer I am glad to enjoy in a session (which simply is a period of time in which the drinker consumes beers). The hops feel even more pronounced in this year’s batch than in last years.

This is a good drinking beer that should please hop fans and hop novices alike. With floral, citrus, fruity and resinous hop notes in both the aroma and flavor it packs a mini-punch. Malt? What’s malt? While they don’t exactly forget about the malt here it is playing a very distant second fiddle (or even like a fourth tuba). This beer would be great anytime and I think it’s great that they are giving back to their fans by offering it in 15 packs. $22 with tax for 15 craft beers is ridiculous and amazing. I still really like this beer and can’t wait to enjoy a few on the beach and then one in the hot tub. For me overall this is an 8/10.


ABV: 4.2%   IBU: 42   Color: Light copper   Year: 2014   Brewery: Founders Brewing Company

The Brewery Says:
The beer you’ve been waiting for. Keeps your taste satisfied while keeping your senses sharp. An all-day IPA naturally brewed with a complex array of malts, grains and hops. Balanced for optimal aromatics and a clean finish. The perfect reward for an honest day’s work and the ultimate companion to celebrate life’s simple pleasures.

Written by A+K

May 12th, 2014 at 10:18 am

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  1. Have you tried Carton Boat beer? Its a very popular session IPA.


    17 Jun 14 at 12:49 pm

  2. Yes we have. It is a great beer and we both are happy it is now being distributed locally. It has not come out yet here in packaged form so our only experience with it is on draft. I really enjoy IPAs while Alicia is not overly fond of them but this is a beer that hits the spot for each of us. Very much looking forward to being able to get Boat Beer in cans. Thanks for bringing it up!


    21 Jun 14 at 6:19 pm

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