America the Beertiful


Happy (almost) birthday, America. You’ve had a pretty good year, all things considered, and now it’s time for most of your inhabitants to head outdoors, eat a ridiculous amount of hot dogs and crack open a cold beer. Cold beer…what’s more American than that? Well, probably opening your own business where you brew beer and sell it to the public. Over the last year, many craft beer hopefuls did just that.

With such an influx of new breweries it becomes difficult to keep up with. Here on Long Island, we are up to 20+ breweries with another 10 or so on deck to open in the next year. Some of the newer ones we haven’t even had a chance to visit yet.

So, beer loving Americans, we ask you the question: What is the best new brewery that has opened in your state this year?

Our personal pick: The Brewers Collective. They’ve been on the local craft beer scene for years, but only recently became a licensed brewery. You can find their beer “at the source” @ A Taste of Long Island in Farmingdale, but their experimental brews are making their way into taprooms across the island. Our current favorite: Loot Gruit, a very lightly hopped ale brewed with hibiscus and herbs.


Oh, this? Just Mac and Cheese on a Hot Dog.

Oh, this? Just Mac and Cheese on a Hot Dog.


Written by A+K

July 3rd, 2015 at 11:22 am

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