Barrage Brewing Company Kickstarter Construction Update



Local underdog Barrage Brewing Company is well under way with the construction necessary to get their brewery up and running. The Farmingdale New York based start up has their trenches dug, pipes cut and lots of dirt moved in an effort to get things situated with the Suffolk County Sewer Agency. As you may recall Steve Pominski owner of BBC launched a campaign via Kickstarter to raise the $18,000+ needed to make these changes and successfully acquired the necessary funding in late August.

Kevin recently stopped by the brewery and “heavy cleaning” will indeed be needed to get Barrage Brewing Company back to were it was before it’s successful Kickstarter campaign. The floor was torn up and dirt was piled high. Pipes and tools were laying about the brewery and workers milled about. During the down time when the guys who were working on the space needed to make a run for parts, Mr. Pominski showed Kevin around the brewery (which we have both visited when it was in pristine condition). They talked about the plans for Barrage Brewing going forward which included Alicia creating their new website and possibly some updates to their marketing as well as the obvious coming changes to the sewer infrastructure and brewery itself.

We were eager to help Barrage Brewing Company take the next step and get their doors open and obviously so were many of our fellow beer loving Long Islanders. Like Stallone going the distance against Apollo Creed Barrage Brewing Company is just refusing to go down making sure they have all of their t’s crossed and i’s dotted (this time around). In fact work is supposed to start this week on several key updates and upgrades. Mr. Pominski characterized it as such, “..in the coming week the sewer work hopefully will be completed (that is the plan as of today), so then we can cement the floor and pave the outside, then the heavy cleaning will begin!”, which means we all will be that much closer to tasting some of the delicious BBC Raven’s Shadow porter soon. We are crossing our fingers (and toes) hoping these are the last road blocks before Barrage Brewing Company opens in Farmingdale in 2014. Stay tuned to Beer Loves Company for more updates as they come in!

Barrage Brewing Company
32 Allen Boulevard Unit E
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Phone 631-335-7941








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November 13th, 2013 at 9:30 pm

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