Barrage Brewing to Open a Tasting Room



In 2009, Steve Pominski, an avid homebrewer of over 2o years, and his wife Diana decided to convert their garage into a family room. Nothing out of the ordinary there, though Steve took the opportunity to also construct and install a 16 foot bar with two taps he could  use to serve his homebrewed beer. As friends started to come over and enjoy the space, a buzz began and many told him he should think about selling his products. The exclusive craft beer bar in his garage turned family room became affectionately known as the “Barrage”, and his quest to open a brewery began.

Though the journey to open Barrage Brewing Company began in 2011, zoning issues with the initial Freeport location arose and Steve was forced to find a new home for his brewery. After a year of searching, a seemingly perfect spot in East Farmingdale was secured and the long road of construction began. Things were going swimmingly until early 2013, when an inspection by the Suffolk County Sewer District revealed that the sewer system needed to be upgraded before the brewery could open. This was an unexpected and devastating blow, as Steve was almost ready to open the doors at this point. Instead of turning his brew kettles on and finally getting beer to the masses, he now had to rip up the floors and was facing an $18,000 bill. Down but not out, Barrage turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds. Support from the local community was overwhelming and with his goal reached, Steve was able to complete construction and announce the grand opening of Barrage in late January of this year.

Since then, Barrage has been getting kegs out to area bars, restaurants and distributors and the brewery is also open on weekends for growler fills. However, Steve keeps having to answer the same question — Is there a tasting room? Pretty soon the answer will be “yes”.


Though there were always plans to build a tasting room, feedback from customers prompted construction to begin a bit sooner than expected. “I want to bring my wife, but she doesn’t feel like standing around” was a quote that stuck out and really pushed Steve to start work, all of which he will be doing himself with close friend Al Nappi. Instead of coming in, grabbing a growler and being almost forced to leave because there is no place to sit or relax in the hot brewery, patrons will now be able to sample flights before deciding on a take home purchase. Having a tasting room will not only give customers a place to hang out, it will also allow for more brewing, as production is currently halted during the hours Barrage is open to the public. The tasting room will make Barrage a destination rather than a stop off, with Steve stating, “Just like the winery tours, we would like to be a part of the beer tours that have started”.

One of the standouts currently on tap is Citralization, an 6% ABV American Pale Ale in Barrage’s new single hop series. As a self-proclaimed “hop head”, Steve is using this series to showcase the impact hops can have on a beer, as the only recipe difference in each version will be the hop strain used. The Citra hops used in Citralization impart fresh, citrus flavors into the beer making it one Steve would like to enjoy “sitting out back by the pool on an 80 degree dry day and just relaxing”.


Barrage currently fills growlers from 1-5 Saturday and Sunday, but once the tasting room is complete they will add Friday and possibly Thursday hours to accommodate those who work in the bar and restaurant industry. Keep checking back here and at www.barragebrewing.com for a grand opening date and our coverage of the festivities. Steve knows this next chapter of Barrage will be a challenge, yet is excited to get more people through the doors to try his beer, saying “A friend tells a friend they have to try Barrage. That’s the best advertisement in my book.”

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May 23rd, 2014 at 9:50 am

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