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We present for you today an article written about a stop on our trip through Japan. We are however not the authors here, instead acting partly as subjects. This post comes to you from our friend Dru Tang author and operator of HinoMaple: Dru’s Misadventures. This is a wonderful blog where Dru recounts his, well misadventures (and some very successful adventures too). The set up is this: we met Dru via his blog before traveling to Japan and arranged to meet up one night during said trip at Devil Craft in Kanda, Tokyo. With that basic premise in mind, we turn it over to Dru.


Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a very friendly couple from New York. They are the owners and bloggers of the Beer Loves Company website. I met them almost by chance as they found my post on Kirin Frozen Draft and decided to take a plunge and ask me for some information. I was all too happy to help them find the coveted Kirin Frozen Draft, even though it was the middle of winter and not the best time to enjoy it. We talked a little about various places in Tokyo for them to enjoy a little craft beer and before I knew it, we were setting up a time to go to Devil Craft. It is a place that I have wanted to visit for the last few months and due to time and the lack of friends I could convince to join me, I had never been able to go. When they asked if I wanted to join them, I said yes, of course, and we met up at Kanda Station and headed to Devil Craft.


For those who don’t know, Devil Craft is a “Craft Beer & Pizza” shop. It is a small restaurant that can seat around 38 people. It is a busy place with guests packed into the main floor. We arrived soon after they opened and there were very few people there. We were given a generous table, but a stern, yet polite, warning that the next party would arrive at 8pm. It wasn’t a problem so we got straight to chatting and ordering beer. I started with a Swan Lake Amber Ale (hand pumped) and finished with the North Island IBA (sic – Note: I believe they mean IPA). I even had a taste of a beer called the Sank Gallen Orange Chocolate Stout. The Swan Lake Amber Ale was a nice start. It was hand pumped so it wasn’t as carbonated as regular beer. The North Island IBA (sic) was also really nice. The Stout was the most interesting. It was a chocolate stout, but it felt as if they added Hi-C or SunnyD to the mix. If you don’t know, Hi-C and SunnyD (Sunny Delight) is an orange based drink that is closer to a soft drink than a juice. Needless to say, I didn’t order the stout as a second round and I was pretty content to have it as a simple taster only.

While the beer is the main reason I went there, the pizza was the second reason I went. They are probably the only deep dish pizza joint in Tokyo, although I don’t know any others. They did a good job, but to be honest, I have never had a true deep dish pizza. I have had deep dish pizza in Canada but I always suspected it was not an authentic Chicago style deep dish pizza. The pizza I had at Devil Craft was pretty good. It wasn’t the easiest thing to eat and using a fork and knife really helps. I attempted to eat the pizza with my hand at first but when it was still hot it was difficult to lift as things just wanted to fall flat. By the end, when the pizza had cooled, it was easier to hold with my hand and eating was faster and easier. The food was good but I was a little disappointed with our appetizer, the chicken wings. The flavour was good but the portions were small. American style food, but Japanese sized portions. Needless to say, I doubt I’ll order appetizers from them, although the nachos seemed good. I’ll stick with the deep dish pizza from now on.


Devil Craft is a great place to go, but it is a victim of its own success. From all accounts, it seems to be a very busy place. They are always busy and fully loaded, even on a weekday night. I would love to visit Devil Craft more often but I fear it will be nearly impossible due to their popularity. I do recommend making reservations early but if you get there early on a weeknight, you might be lucky enough to get a table. Either way, I can already feel many more trips coming up.


You can read the original blog post on HinoMaple: Dru’s Misadventures

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