Beer Pairings – Dubliner Irish Cheddar with Stout & Fourme d’Ambert (aged over 60 days) paired with Blind Bat Brewery Long Island Potato Stout & Sixpoint Brewery 3Beans



As you may have recently read, we here at Beer Loves Company cooked up a meal (detailing the experience and providing the recipe) here on our website. With only one cup (8 oz.) of beer required to make our stout stew and our chosen beer, Blind Bat Brewery Long Island Potato Stout, coming in 16.9 oz. bottles we had some left over. What better way to enjoy these “leftovers” than with some tasty cheese? Since the our stew, while not a difficult recipe, does take some time to cook you’ll definitely want to enjoy a snack and a beer while it simmers away. In the spirit of St. Patricks Day week, we selected a Dubliner Irish Cheddar made with Irish Stout and also a Fourme d’Ambert (aged over 60 days) to pair with the beers we would be pouring. Speaking of those beers, in addition to the Blind Bat Stout we also opened a can of the limited release 3Beans by Sixpoint Brewery which was a collaborative effort between Sixpoint, Stumptown Coffee Roasters & Mast Brothers Chocolate. We wanted to see how these beers from, “the Dark Side“, would taste with our two cheeses.


The Dubliner Irish Cheddar with Stout itself has a fruity touch is slightly nutty and some almost grain like flavors to it. The cheese finishes fairly dry. The texture is extremely creamy with some small crystals throughout. This cheese was made with Irish Dry Stout which is added during the second milling of the cheese.

With the 3Beans: Although these were both enjoyable on their own, their flavors did not get along at all. Both the beer and cheese pull a bitterness out of each other which is odd because they both individually have an underlying sweetness. These two were not a match made in beer and cheese heaven, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from either of them…just perhaps pair them with different partners.

With the Blind Bat Stout: The rich cheese sets off more roasted qualities within the stout, but the fruitiness then kicks in and mixes with the cocoa in the beer leaving a smooth finish. The beer and cheese each have subtle sweet characteristics which play off each other. Though they both possess strong flavors, they pair and balance well with neither dominating the other. These two were well suited to be matched up.

The Fourme d’Ambert is very strong in both flavor and aroma. It is funky and pungent with some sharpness and the flavors are prickling. There is a faint fruitiness throughout with lots of salt. This was an assertive cheese to be sure.

With the 3Beans: This pairing was much better than the with the Dubliner, as the rich, salty, powerful blue cheese was able to stand up to the robust beer. The 3Beans actually becomes a bit sweeter, with chocolate and caramel hints, while taking away the alcohol presence (which is present in this brew at 10% abv). The cheese also mellows out a bit with some of the pungency fading away, leaving a sweet, salty finish. The clash of these titans was something our taste buds rather enjoyed.

With the Blind Bat: These two are also a great match. The salty, aggressive flavor of the blue cheese is toned down by stout while the cheese works to elevate and bring out chocolate roasted notes of the beer. The stout also becomes a bit drier which works well with the pungency of this cheese. These two had a very nice interplay back and forth throughout the tasting. Overall we would recommend this pairing and will definitely enjoy it again ourselves.

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