Blue Point Brewing & Sayville Running Company 10 Mile Run to the Brewery


8:15 on a Saturday morning in January isn’t exactly a prime visiting hour for most breweries, especially when a 10 mile run in below freezing temperatures is required before the first pint is poured. But that didn’t stop over 1,200 runners from showing up bright and early at Blue Point Brewery for the 2015 10 Mile Run to the Brewery.

We arrived at Blue Point at around 7:45, with a half hour to race time. Parking didn’t seem to be an issue, as there were a couple people directing traffic. Kevin dropped me off while he snagged a spot in the train station parking lot and I headed to the brewery. A heated tent was set up outside where runners and spectators could stay warm, there were multiple port a potties with a very short wait time and a bag check was also available.

At 8:05 announcements were made directing runners to the starting line, which was right in front of the brewery on River Avenue. Though it was cold, enthusiasm was high and at promptly 8:15 am the race began and we were off. Timing mats were set up at the start, five mile mark and finish so even runners that started in the back of the crowd would get an accurate finishing time (always a welcome feature at larger races.)

The course itself is generally flat compared to some other Long Island races (I’m looking at you, Cow Harbor), with a few hilly patches that aren’t anything to stress over. This year the route was run in reverse from previous years, but all that really meant to me was that I passed the water earlier than I remember last year. The scenery is pretty diverse as well, with a few stretches near the Patchogue River which gave a nice, distracting harbor view. [Side note: Kevin and I have both lived on Long Island our entire lives and had to Google, “What is the water in Blue Point called?”] So anyway, the course overall is fairly flat, scenic and there are a lot of turns which I personally like. There were never any real long stretches of just running straight down a road. Spectators weren’t exactly lining the entire route, but there were definitely some people cheering along the way which is always nice to see. After crossing the finish line I was reunited with Kevin, we took the short five minute walk back to the brewery and then…

The after party! I don’t usually love to stick around after races, especially when it is freezing out, but Blue Point really knows how to celebrate 1,200 people having just run ten miles. Two massive tents were set up outside the brewery. One had heat lamps and a band, both had tons of food and there was a station set up outside of each where the beer was flowing. We never had to wait for more than maybe 30 seconds which was pretty impressive considering the size of the crowd. On tap were staples Rastafa Rye and Toasted Lager with newer brews Baltic Porter and Helles Lager available among others. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Baltic Porter on tap, though at almost 8% I probably went a little too hard on those. But hey, it was a celebration.


Overall I’d say this is one of the best race values on Long Island. The course is interesting, everything is well organized (including early bib pick up), the race shirt is a nice, Saucony long sleeve tech shirt, there’s tons of food beyond your typical bananas and bagels and of course there’s the beer. The race sold out extremely quickly this year, so make sure you keep an eye out for the 2016 signup. I know I’ll be there and may just spend the next year trying to talk Kevin into running it too.

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Written by A+K

January 18th, 2015 at 9:07 pm

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