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The Secret’s Out: Rocky Point Artisan Brewers & Secret Engine Brewing Release Collaboration Beer Sticke Handwerker



Mike Voigt of Rocky Point of Artisan Brewers, left, and Mike Mare of Secret Engine.

“Sometimes the beer just tells you when it is ready,” says Mike Voigt of Rocky Point Artisan Brewers about their recent collaborative brew with Secret Engine Brewing of Brooklyn. Mike Mare, brewer and co-owner of Secret Engine, is currently trying to find a permanent home for the brewery while still getting his beer out there. Though the original plan was to wait until later this month, Sticke Handwerker, the Long Island debut from Secret Engine, will be released this Friday at Tap and Barrel, The Black Sheep Ale House and a to-be-determined location in Brooklyn. keep reading...

Ed Hahne and Mexicali Blues: an LIBME & Great South Bay Brewery Collaboration

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Our friend and fellow Long Island Beer & Malt Enthusiast and Brewers East End Revival Member Ed Hahne passed away on July 11th, 2014. We found out when we woke up the next morning after receiving a text from another friend and homebrewer Frank Filacchone. He sent us an odd message saying, “I’m sure you heard the bad news by now,” which we thought meant the beer both men recently brewed together, along with Mike Napolitano and Ed’s wife Lee Ann, at Great south Bay Brewery had turned out poorly. We never expected to get this news; in fact we thought Frank was just overreacting about a batch that had gone sour. We knew though when he followed up with another text reading “Call me now,” things were more serious. keep reading...

Chris Kelley’s Basil in the Rye Brewed at Great South Bay Brewery


“You literally can’t pack anymore flavor into this” are homebrewer Chris Kelley’s sentiments about Basil in the Rye, a beer he brewed in collaboration with Great South Bay Brewery. As the winner of homebrew club Long Island Beer & Malt Enthusiasts monthly competition he was able to craft his recipe on a micro-sized, professional scale. Why micro-sized? Because every batch of LIBME collaboration beer is brewed on Great South Bay Brewery’s 1 barrel pilot system. With such small quantities, all beers in the series are limited releases only available in the GSB tasting room in Bayshore, New York. Rarer yet is having the chance to try the original homebrew up against the finished commercial product; something Chris Kelley and Great South Bay’s head brewer Greg Maisch did with Basil in the Rye. keep reading...

Two Roads Brewing Co. Nor’Yeaster Beer Release – April 19, 2014

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Last Saturday, April 19, we boarded the PT Barnum Port Jeff Ferry bright and early to head over to Two Roads Brewing Co. in Stratford, Connecticut. We had been to Two Roads once before, about a year ago, but this time we were visiting with a mission in mind: obtain some limited release beer. Urban Funk Wild Ale, Krazy Pucker Berliner Weissbier & Henry’s Farm Double Bock Lager Aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels are all beers that Two Roads produced in a small quantity and only made available at the April 19 release. There were 690 bottles in total so we aimed to be there around 9:30 am, with doors opening at 11, in order to secure our spot on line and guarantee we would be able to purchase the beers. Turns out, not everyone was looking to have such an early spot and we were numbers 4&5, with 2&3 being fellow Long Island members of Brewers East End Revival. The number one spot went to a gentleman named Bob, who arrived at around 9 am and lives within walking distance of the brewery. He told us he was a whiskey man before Two Roads opened, but in an effort to support a new local business he fell in love with their beers. Though Two Roads introduced him to craft beer, he already has big plans to travel to Vermont and visit some breweries. We were also quick to suggest several he could visit should he ever find himself on the ferry to Long Island. keep reading...

Lethal Cupcake Imperial Porter – Great South Bay Brewery (2014)



BLC Says:
Great South Bay Brewery Lethal Cupcake Imperial Porter is a limited, small batch and much anticipated release. While the story on the label features the capture and demise of cupcakes with “razor teeth” we are guessing no cupcakes (or brewers) were harmed in the making of this beer. In a move that is sure to please their fans this Bayshore, Long Island (NY) brewhouse has crafted a strong porter flavored with chocolate.

The aroma starts off with notes of sweetness, chocolate and coconut. Sticky sugar accents are met with a sharp bracing roasted note as the beer opens up. These mingle with a background of root beer and alcohol warmth. While there are loads of dark notes rising to greet you the overall scent is subdued. Those tricky killer cupcakes are laying in wait for you to take a sip before unleashing their fury. keep reading...

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March 14th, 2014 at 2:49 pm