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Pairing Holiday Seasonal Beers with Christmas Movies


It seems that beer pairs well with just about everything. Or at least we think it does. Beer & cheese, beer & pizza, beer & cookies and the list goes on. But what about beers that pair with your favorite holiday movies? Since Christmas is arguably the most wonderful time of the year for seasonal movies (minus maybe Halloween) why not find the perfect beer to compliment each viewing? Here’s our list of picks.

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Ithaca Beer Co. Embrrr with Die Hard

After kicking the crap out of robbers posing as terrorists, jumping off on a roof as it explodes all while smoking like a chimney and befriending Carl Winslow we think John Mclane would reach for something warming with a good amount of alcohol to make him forget his glass shredded feet. So while watching old Roy run through the paces we suggest reaching for an Ithaca Beer Co. Embrrr. We get touches of chocolate, roasted notes, hints of spice and a bracing bitter finish keep reading...

German Lebkuchen with Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout Glaze


In the spirit of Christmas, baking and beer we tweaked and combined a few recipes to come up with these German lebkuchen cookies with a chocolate stout glaze. In case you aren’t familiar with lebkuchen, they are sometimes referred to as “honey cookies” but we think they taste very similar to gingerbread. We used Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout but the recipe would work with any stronger sweet stout you have on hand. Oh, and you only need about 4 oz. of beer for the glaze so you still have a nice sized glass to enjoy with your warm, fresh out of the oven cookies. keep reading...

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December 22nd, 2014 at 7:42 am

Craft Beer Gift Guide

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What is the best gift to get someone who loves craft beer? A sometimes difficult question, but here is your answer. We have put together a list of items anyone interested in craft beer, whether they are an avid homebrewer or just getting into the beverage, would be happy to open on any holiday morning.

Spiegelau Beer Classics 19 Ounce IPA Glass

Set of 2, 4, 6 or 12

ipa glassesClick Image to Purchase

Speigelau created their IPA glasses with a little help from their friends Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada, guys that know a thing or two about hops. The unique shape of the vessel, which kind of reminds us of a goblet perched atop a shot glass, is designed to showcase hop froward American style IPA’s by enhancing mouthfeel and preserving the head for longer than your average pour. Not to mention the wide opening that allows for that bitter, fruity aroma to really travel straight from the glass to your nose. The best part about these is that Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada are donating all their proceeds from sales of this glass to benefit advances in hop farming. So really everyone wins with this one. keep reading...

Summer Ale (craft can) – Narragansett Brewing Company (2013)


narragansettsummeraleBLC Says:
We enjoyed Naragansett Summer Ale last year on the beach, but due to one too many seasonal craft cans we never got the review up. Since we are now in the warm pleasant month of May and it’s been hitting the shelves, now is a great time to revisit this one. Should you choose to empty this craft can into a glass, it pours with a bright straw yellow body that is crystal clear and has tons of active carbonation throughout. The head is a foamy brilliant white that eventually falls to a thin foam cap that leaves clumpy lacing up and down the sides of the glass. Definitely a nice, clean looking beer whose appearance indicates it is going to be light and refreshing. The aroma keeps on that theme as well, with slightly sweet and citrusy hops coming through over a malty background. The taste follows suit, with a light, well carbonated body carrying the mild, fruity hops. Easy drinking, both the malt and hop presence are not overwhelming, but the sip is still flavorful throughout.
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May 28th, 2014 at 12:01 pm

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale Vertical – 2006-2013



As far as holiday beers go, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (an American IPA) is always a staple on the shelves that lets you know the year is winding down. It is also one of the earliest examples of an APA with production starting in 1981. This seasnoal favortie has had the same recipe since 1983! Celebration (labeld as a Fresh Hop Ale in recent years) is a Winter standard.

Here at BLC HQ (by da beach boooy!) we decided that we’d take a little trip down memory lane with good ‘ol Celebration. Through collecting and saving as well as some timely help from our buddy Bellport Dave, we managed to acquire a bottle of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale from the past eight years (wow). Though technically a holiday brew, we waited until after all the Christmas craziness died down to sample this epic flight. keep reading...

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January 29th, 2014 at 12:06 pm