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Pairing Holiday Seasonal Beers with Christmas Movies


It seems that beer pairs well with just about everything. Or at least we think it does. Beer & cheese, beer & pizza, beer & cookies and the list goes on. But what about beers that pair with your favorite holiday movies? Since Christmas is arguably the most wonderful time of the year for seasonal movies (minus maybe Halloween) why not find the perfect beer to compliment each viewing? Here’s our list of picks.

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Ithaca Beer Co. Embrrr with Die Hard

After kicking the crap out of robbers posing as terrorists, jumping off on a roof as it explodes all while smoking like a chimney and befriending Carl Winslow we think John Mclane would reach for something warming with a good amount of alcohol to make him forget his glass shredded feet. So while watching old Roy run through the paces we suggest reaching for an Ithaca Beer Co. Embrrr. We get touches of chocolate, roasted notes, hints of spice and a bracing bitter finish keep reading...

The Five Beers of Thanksgiving


It’s almost time for Thanksgiving. Get ready to sit around a table with family, give thanks for all the wonderful things in your life and eat and drink an absurd amount. Everyone knows what foods a traditional Thanksgiving feast consists of, but what would an all beer meal look like? Think Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only instead of her whole meal being in the form of bubble gum yours is more on the liquid side. And hopefully minus turning blue and having to be rolled away from the table, but we make no promises there. keep reading...

Written by A+K

November 26th, 2014 at 11:36 am

Miller Chill the Light Beer with Lime & Salt that Wouldn’t die…Until it Did



And now for something from the scrap heap. Today we offer up an oddity dug up from a time capsule of beer drinking past. After we recently put together our review of Westbrook Brewing Company’s Gose the margarita like flavors Alicia picked up reminded us of an article Kevin had written in the olden times before Beer Loves Company. This article covered (what was then) a new beer on the market which took the effort of squeezing a lime and salting the rim out of your hands and put it into a bright green bottle with a standard American Lager. We speak of none other than Miller Chill. Yes folks, Miller Chill a beer which we had thought went the way of Zima and other malt beverage curiosities before doing a little research for this entry. keep reading...

Written by A+K

November 22nd, 2013 at 2:00 pm

What the Characters from Breaking Bad Would Drink During the Finale and Maybe You Should Too.



Tonight the final episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad will air. For those who may not know about the show it can be very basically summed up like this: The main character begins as the series as a high school chemistry teacher, gets cancer then decides to “cook” methamphetamine to earn money which he plans to leave to his family. Drama, hilarity and everything in between ensures. We both enjoy the series very much and are highly anticipating tonight’s finale. We in fact been thinking about the possible ending scenarios, who may survive, and if this finale can live up to the rest of the series so much this past week that we even began discussing what beers the characters would drink if they could sit back to watch the ending themselves. Yes we have discussed, at length, in our fantasy scenario if the fictional characters from Breaking Bad were able to watch the last hour of said series what beer would they choose to drink? To come up with the scientific and exactly correct answer for each character we spent (way too much) time putting ourselves in their shoes. Here are the beers we came up with for a few of the characters on the show. Aside from being what we think these characters may drink if they were able to step out of TV Land and watch the finale, these beers would also make a good companion to those of us who will be watching the end in the real world. Crack one open and enjoy, bitch. keep reading...

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September 28th, 2013 at 6:04 pm

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Drinking Made (Really) Easy: Vending Machines in Japan


In Japan, vending machines are located on every street no more than about 20 feet apart from each other, so you are sure to never go thirsty…or hungry…or if so inclined, sober. These machines sell everything from water and juice to coffee and even hot soup. But most importantly, many of these machines dispense beer (with some also being home to sake or more). We say come on America, take note from our friends in the land of the rising sun and follow suit. People are trying to get rid of soda in school vending machines, which is great, but isn’t it time to add a few adult beverages to some of our public drink service machines? Craft beer on the go sounds great to us. What do you guys think? keep reading...

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February 11th, 2013 at 10:35 pm

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