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Perrin Brewing Company – Comstock Park, Michigan

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One of the hidden gems on our recent trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the National Homebrewers Conference was hands down Perrin Brewing Co. in nearby Comstock Park. With a bit of downtime from the conference, we decided to rent a car and drive to Kalamazoo to visit Bell’s Eccentric Cafe and a couple smaller nearby breweries. On the way back from that venture, which will of course be getting it’s own post, we remembered that a bartender at Hop Cat had mentioned Perrin to us. A quick consult with Google Maps showed that it was basically on the way back to Grand Rapids, so to Perrin we went. keep reading...

Big River Grille & Brewing Works – Walt Disney World


Of all the things you expect to see when walking down the boardwalk in Walt Disney World, a brewpub is probably not at the top of the list. Yet there sits Big River Grille & Brewing Works among the resorts, dueling pianos, foot long hot dogs and general Disney magic, only a short walk or boat ride away from Epcot and Hollywood Studios (always MGM to us).


On a semi-recent visit to the happiest place on Earth, we did our research and arrived armed and ready to find all the craft beer that Disney World has to offer. However, we were most excited by the fact that beer was being brewed mere steps away from Disney’s Boardwalk Inn where we would be staying. We had been to Big River on a previous Christmas Disney trip, so we got to try some stouts and dark beers, but this time was summer so things would be on the lighter side. keep reading...

Pilsner – Hakone Beer (2013)



BLC Says:
This pilsner from Hakone Beer was part of a three pack we picked up on our trip to Japan last winter. Also included was a stout and red ale, which we have since drank, enjoyed and reviewed so look for those in the future. As the picture would indicate (notice the severe lack of snow EVERYWHERE), we only held on to this beer for a few months before tasting it over the summer. The can/bottle hybrid preserved the beers well, though we do think the pilsner may have been a bit better if we opened it sooner. But anyway, onto the beer. keep reading...

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February 24th, 2014 at 8:38 am

Beer Loves Company Meets Dru From HinoMaple at Devil Craft for Chicago Style Pizza and Craft Beer in Kanda, Tokyo Japan



Hello All!

We present for you today an article written about a stop on our trip through Japan. We are however not the authors here, instead acting partly as subjects. This post comes to you from our friend Dru Tang author and operator of HinoMaple: Dru’s Misadventures. This is a wonderful blog where Dru recounts his, well misadventures (and some very successful adventures too). The set up is this: we met Dru via his blog before traveling to Japan and arranged to meet up one night during said trip at Devil Craft in Kanda, Tokyo. With that basic premise in mind, we turn it over to Dru. keep reading...

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January 12th, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Home from Germany with the Best Kind of Souvenirs (Hint: it’s Beer)



So our Christmacation through Germany is over. We’re back home on Long Island and thoughts of liverwurst, glühwein and gnomes sneaking about at night dance in our heads. Cologne and Düsseldorf were packed with more sights and delicious delights then we had bargained for. Both of us will always remember our trip fondly, from our memories and the fun treats we brought back.

Our small carry on suitcases which have been our travel companions through all of our journeys have had many delicious beers carefully stowed within them and this return trip from Deutschland was no different. We were able to fit many Kölsch and Altbiers in our two cases wrapping them in clothes and packing everything in tightly. This time we even brought along ziplock bags to place the bottles in before storing them. Of the many breweries we visited we decided that we’d pick our three favorites in each city and bring back two beers from each one. That lead to the following coming home to Long Island with us. keep reading...

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December 23rd, 2013 at 1:00 pm