Craft Beer at Nassau Coliseum: The Final Season


Bryan Trottier Honored by Islanders

This is the final countdown for Long Island based fans of the New York Islanders. Next year the team will move from it’s home since 1972, the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The Isles have been giving their fans a year to remember. If you plan on heading to the “Old Barn” to watch them play you may find yourself in search of a beer. While actual “craft beer” is in short supply there is enough of it peppered throughout the Coliseum to keep those looking to “fuss” over a brew happy. Don’t forget Oyster Bay Brewing Company hooked up to create Barn Rocker with the Isles. It’s their official beer and you can read about it here.

At all the main concession stands and from vendors walking the interior of the Coliseum you can find Bud, Bud Light and Coors Light. Sometimes there is a Miller Lite tossed in for good measure. We figure though you don’t need us to tell you were to find these types of beers so we won’t be mentioning them again. So for you fans of the orange and blue here we present our list of where to find (some) good beer when cheering the Islanders on. It is organized by gate with beers being alphabetical including style with gluten free items marked (GF) and we have put our suggestions in bold.

Kiosk between Gates 1 & 20: Against the outer wall you will find a stand which serves Dos Equis Lager, Goose Island IPA, Heineken Lager, Heineken Light Lager, Oyster Bay Barn Rocker, Oyster Bay IPA, Redbridge Amber Lager (GF), Shock Top Belgian White, Stella Artois Lager and Strongbow Cider (GF).

22’s Brews between Gates 2 & 3: Conveniently located right outside the restroom, 22’s serves Blue Moon Belgian White, Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita Malt Liquor, Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita Malt Liquor, Dos Equis Lager, Fire Island Lighthouse Amber Ale, Grolsch Lager, Hoegarden Witbier, Labatt Blue Lager (24oz), Magic Hat #9, Murphy’s Irish Stout (nitro 16oz can), Oyster Bay IPA, Palm Belgian Pale Ale, Redbridge Amber Lager (GF), Redd’s Apple Ale, Redd’s Strawberry Ale, Spaten Oktoberfest Marzen and Stella Artois Lager.

Brew House with locations between Gates 3 & 4, 7 & 8 and 9 & 10: These kiosks feature a German theme and offer Blue Moon Belgian White, Heineken Lager, Heineken Light Lager, Labatt Blue Lager (24oz), Magic Hat #9 and Molson Canadian Lager.

Knuckle Heads between Gates 10 & 11: Knuckle Heads started out with two locations but has since dwindled to one. They also used to have a very good craft selection but again that has atrophied in recent years. Currently avaivlable are Fire Island Lighthouse Amber Ale, Goose Island IPA, Johnny Appleseed Cider (GF), Magic Hat #9, Oyster Bay IPA, Oyster Bay Honey Ale, Redd’s Apple Ale, Shock Top Belgian White and Shock Top Raspberry Wheat. Knuckle Heads also serves wines and liquors.

Kiosk at Gate 12: This stand serves up Hoegarden Witbier, Spaten Oktoberfest Marzen and Goose Island IPA.

Kiosk between Gates 12 & 13: Here you will find Goose Island IPA and Shock Top Belgian Wheat.

Blue Point Brewery kiosk between Gates 13 & 14: Now owned by Budweiser parent company ABInbev, Blue Point still is brewing in their Patchouge, NY location. This outpost pours Hoptical Illusion IPA, Mosaic Session IPA and Toasted Lager Vienna Lager.

Kiosk at Gate 18: Hoegarden Witbier, Spaten Oktoberfest Marzen, and Goose Island IPA.

Those are pretty much your choices if you want to drink a non-lite beer while watching some hockey. The gamut runs from large scale breweries to the small and local Oyster Bay Brewing Company. There also is a fairly wide selection of styles to choose from including flavored beers and gluten free options such as ciders. With time winding down at the Nassau Coliseum we figure you shouldn’t have to waste yours finding a beverage to enjoy during the game. Let’s go Islanders!

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