Food Book Fair Brew Pub (Reprise) at the Wythe Hotel April, 27th 2014



Brew Pub (Reprise) Flyer

On Sunday April 27th, 2014 in Brooklyn New York, 28 homebrewers will gather at the Wythe Hotel to participate in Eric M. Steen’s Brew Pub (Reprise). Why reprise? Mr. Steen has previously organized similar pubs in Glasgow, Scotland (2010) and New York City (2011). What are these “brew pubs”? They are pop-up (or one night only) pubs (places to drink and socialize) organized as a gathering of homebrewers and patrons in a space brought together by Mr. Steen. Each “brew pub” celebrates the creative output of the hombrewers in the city where they were held.

Each of these events is unique unto itself. The local feel, neighborhoods and people inform the beers, experiences and art presented. Mr. Steen, a Portland Oregon based artist, treats these pubs as a performance which connect to his exploration of homebrewing as a form of social activism. Aside from these pop-up pubs he is also the organizer behind Beer Made by Walking, a program inviting brewers to “…make beer inspired by nature hikes and urban walks”. His goal with Brew Pub (Reprise) is to share the normally private passion of each of the homebrewers with the event attendees.

Guests will be invited to sample the efforts of amateur, expert and professional brewers, all of which were crafted in their private homes. Brewers will be on hand and can be approached to discuss their work in a casual setting and congenial space conceived by the artist, Mr. Steen. All of the beer which will be poured is in some way inspired by the neighborhood and surroundings of the Wythe Hotel where the event will take place.

Brew Pub (Reprise) is part of the 3rd Annual Food Book Fair which brings together chefs, authors, artists, designers, publishers and enthusiasts to celebrate the “…intersection between food culture and our food system”. FBF takes place over three days and features a varied collection of events. In addition to Brew Pub (Reprise) there will also be panel discussions, a film screening, a tasting event and even a pop-up farm. Steve Hindy, co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery, is one of the featured guests and will be part of a panel titled Food + Social Entrepreneurship. We are looking forward to taking part in this pop-up pub and seeing what the attendees think of our beers, ALTernaive and MJ. We also cannot wait to try what the other brewers have made. Details about Brew Pub (Reprise), ticket information and a list of brewers with their beer follows.

Brew Pub (Reprise) – Food Book Fair
April 27th at the Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY)
Tickets $30 (unlimited access to 25 different beers)
Session One 2 – 5pm Tickets
Session Two 6 – 9pm Tickets


Brett Taylor / Bird on a Wire / Bourbon-Barrel-Aged American Brown Ale / ABV 7%

Brett Taylor / Springtime in McCarren Park / Berliner Weisse / ABV 4.5%

Scott Shimomura / Parapeto IPA / IPA / ABV 7.2%

Scott Shimomura / Mason Ale / Old Ale / ABV 6%

Jason Sahler / The World is Your Oyster…Stout / Oyster Stout / ABV 5%

Simon Tepas / Bel-Am Beauty / Oak-Aged Belgian IPA / ABV 7.4%

Stephen Durley & Hayley Jensen / Beer de Garden / Biere de Garde with herbs, spices / ABV 6%

Sam Burlingame / Logger SMaSH! / Citra Pilsner / ABV 5%

Sam Burlingame / Black Smoke / Black Smoked IPA / ABV 5.5%

Chris Cuzme & Mary Izett / The Great Galena / SMaSH Ale / ABV 4.5%

Josh Blank & David Shanies / Cesarski Kozlak / Doppelbock / ABV 9%

Ryan McMahon / Untitled / ? / ?

Alicia Valeo & Kevin Breslawski / ALTernative / Oak-Aged Alt-esque / ABV 4%

Alicia Valeo & Kevin Breslawski / MJ / Sweet Tan Stout / ABV 4%

Billingsgate / Redoubt / Global IPA / ABV 6.8%

Lars Huse & Kevin Jo Hansen / Noorman / Farmhouse Ale / ABV 6%

Travis Collins & Matt Joyce / Janszoon van Salee Moroccan Ale / Moroccan Porter / ABV 7%

Tony Bellis / It’s Crucial IPA / IPA / ABV 6.5%

Caleb Freese & Julian Hensarling / Miss Rheingold Oil Spill Stout / Stout / ABV 8%

Cody Sprague / Mandrinquat Wheat Ale / Wheat Ale / ABV 5%

Louis Pelino / Captain Wit / White Ale / ABV 5%

Brandon West / Bushwick Fig Dubbel / Belgium Dubbel / ABV 7.5%

Chris Harris / Rock rock y’all, freak freak y’all, to the beets y’all / Kolsch Plus / ABV 5.25%

Corey Offsey / Farm to Factory / Smoked Farmhouse Ale / ABV 9.0%

Paul Stellato / Birra Basilare / Saison/Farmhouse with Brettanomyces / ABV 8.5%


MJ Art


ALTernative Art

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