Craft Beer Gift Guide

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What is the best gift to get someone who loves craft beer? A sometimes difficult question, but here is your answer. We have put together a list of items anyone interested in craft beer, whether they are an avid homebrewer or just getting into the beverage, would be happy to open on any holiday morning.

Spiegelau Beer Classics 19 Ounce IPA Glass

Set of 2, 4, 6 or 12

ipa glassesClick Image to Purchase

Speigelau created their IPA glasses with a little help from their friends Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada, guys that know a thing or two about hops. The unique shape of the vessel, which kind of reminds us of a goblet perched atop a shot glass, is designed to showcase hop froward American style IPA’s by enhancing mouthfeel and preserving the head for longer than your average pour. Not to mention the wide opening that allows for that bitter, fruity aroma to really travel straight from the glass to your nose. The best part about these is that Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada are donating all their proceeds from sales of this glass to benefit advances in hop farming. So really everyone wins with this one.

Even more glasses:


 Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

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The first time we ever home brewed it was using this kit, a Christmas gift from Alicia to Kevin. Unlike other beginner brewing kits, this one is “all-grain” which means no malt flavor extracts are used. Instead the brewer uses only water, grain and hops on their stovetop to create a hopefully delicious beer. We have to say that for having no idea what we were doing, our first batch came out pretty tasty and definitely something we were psyched to share with people. Be warned though, the home brewing bug might just bite your gift recipient and next years wish list may be a bit more technical (and costly!).

 Also needed but not included in the kit:

  • 6 quart stock pot (we recommend having an extra handy. It would have made our life easier on brew day)
  • Fine mesh strainer
  • Funnel
  • 10 empty non twist off bottles + capper or swing top bottles (no capper needed)
  • Honey
  • Ice


 Dogfish Head + Brooklyn Brine Hop Pickles

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Pickles made with Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, caramelized onions and cascade hops. If you know someone who likes hops, pickles, beer or preferably all 3, this is the edible gift for them. They are produced by Brooklyn Brine in their small kitchen located in, you guessed it, Brooklyn. Having tried these, we can tell you that they start out sweet and end on a very spicy note with the beer and hop flavor present throughout. Looking back through our notes on them, we did mention that they are on the pricey side and probably not something we would buy for ourselves too often. And isn’t that what makes something a perfect gift?

Other food + beer combos that look tasty:

A One Year Membership to the American Homebrewers Association

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The gift that keeps on giving, a membership to the AHA entitles the recipient to way more than a fancy card they can whip out at parties to impress people. Card holders enjoy a subscription to Zymurgy Magazine (which looks to cost about the same per year as an AHA membership) as well as their app, first dibs on Great American Beer Festival Tickets plus a special, members only session and the ability to be able to attend the National Homebrewers Conference, an event we highly recommend. Additionally there is a long list of retailers, restaurants, bars and homebrew shops across the country that offer discounts and perks to AHA members. All that for only around 40 bucks. Oh, and if you happen to buy this for someone who is already a member don’t worry, they can use it to renew for next year.

Splurge on the Holy Grail of Beer Gifts: A Blichmann BrewEasy™ Electric 240 v Turnkey Kit


Click Image to Purchase (you know you want to)

A Blichmann BrewEasy™ Electric 240 v Turnkey Kit for 10 gallon batches is one of the brew systems we have our eye on for when we upgrade our garage brewery. The upper kettle is used for mashing while the lower is used to recirculate the wort. After the mash is completed, you just have to open a valve to let your wort flow into the boil kettle. This system has been compared to brew in a bag, which is what we currently use, and promises to be as hassle free as homebrewing can possibly be.

Everything Else

Here are a few other items that we either own, have tried or would appreciate getting as gifts. Let us know if you would add anything or what is on your holiday/birthday/Tuesday wish list.

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  2. The link for the hop candy is dead, try this one: https://www.amazon.com/s?field-keywords=hop+candy


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