Imperial Force: A Bobby Rodriguez + Port Jeff Brewing Jam


As most of you already know, Bobby Rodriguez was the winner of The Brewers Cup at the 17th annual B.E.E.R homebrewing competition. In addition to a pretty sweet trophy, his prize also included having his winning beer brewed (and eventually released) by the guys at Port Jeff Brewing Company. Imperial Force, the award winning porter, was brewed last Sunday and we had the opportunity to be there along with the mastermind himself, Bobby Rodriguez.

Head brewer Jeff Noakes was on site bright and early to begin the brew day and walk us all through the steps of production on such a large scale. He worked closely with Bobby to ensure that his vision was being carried out and the beer being brewed was as close to the original as possible. To date, Imperial Force is the highest ABV beer that Port Jeff has produced. Bobby’s home brewed version was aged for around 2 years, then placed in bourbon barrels for the weeks leading up to the competition, and clocked in at 15.5% ABV, though it is yet to be seen where this incarnation will land. The beer should be available in late fall, but as it develops we will give an update on when and where you will be able to get your hands on some Imperial Force. We tried Bobby’s version that won the competition (and the wort after Sundays brew day) and can assure you that this is a beer you will want to try.



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