It’s (Halfway to) the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Today is June 25th 2014. That means we are only six months away from what is the best day of the year, Christmas. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, it’s hard to argue the true meaning that has developed around the holiday: caring for family and friends. Definitely something we can all get behind. Well, all the caring and of course the cookies, presents, movies, memories and drinks at least, no? Here at BLC we fully embrace the holiday (to the max) and have decided to unleash a fraction of the holiday spirit jammed within our very souls onto the internet today. You are all welcome.

First off we would say an IPA ( a style Alicia used to call “Christmas Tree” beer) is quite appropriate to celebrate the day. Hops, especially in more traditional West Coast IPAs, pack a resinous piney punch. Some versions even come with a little splash of spice and a dash of citrus being reminiscent of a spiced fruit cake when you consider the caramel and bread like malt bases of these beers. So to honor old Saint Nick today crack a piney IPA and maybe pair it with a ginger snap cookie or a thin mint. That may sound weird but trust us it will taste good and transport you forward a few months in time.

Speaking of delicious, delicious beer let’s talk about Disney world. Over the last few years we have made two trips to the land that Mortimer built (look that one up) and were not disappointed. Yes, the food can be expensive and sometimes of questionable quality but like many things if you know what you are getting into and do not hope for something else you will enjoy it 1,000% more. When we travel to the land of Mickey, Donald, Luke, Leia, Animal and Gonzo we have our expectations set to stun. Basically we go with the flow and wing it. Want to eat a gigantic turkey leg? Go for it? Think a gigantic “Oktoberfest Burger” piled high with a sausage patty, bacon and a hamburger sounds good? Eat that bad boy bro. When it comes to beer though you can find many great ones if you exert a little effort. If you are lazy just take a look at this list we compiled for you right here (click the link silly). It was surprising to find Blue Point Brewing Company (then not owned by Budweiser) for us but that was the tip of the mouse ears. La Fin du Monde, Jai Alai and even Saison Dupont are all up for grabs in the big D. And, if you’re looking to try something entirely new, Big River Grille and Brewing Works is right on the Epcot boardwalk and they brew all their own beer. So you can find and enjoy some fun food, drink great beer, walk around parks (and hotels) decorated to the nth degree for the season PLUS see one of the best light shows known to man.

Oh the lights, the wonderful eye blinding lights. Disney goes all out with a light show at MGM (it will never be “Hollywood Studios” to us). During the season they decorate what they call “Main Street USA” with so many lights it is reminiscent of the scene from one of, if not the, best Christmas movies ever; Christmas Vacation. Along with this visual buffet of twinkling neon comes music. For Kevin nothing, not one thing, can beat Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”

However, we both do enjoy The Ravonettes “The Christmas Song”

and Slow Club’s “Christmas TV’

Now you can enjoy these three treasures too.

Remember while you dream of Christmas, listening to wonderfully cheerful songs with an IPA in your hand (or a stout if you are a true badass) keep in mind the true spirit of the holiday and the meaning of half Christmas; be nice to people today. By all means treat yo self to a fun day but make sure to spread to others as well. Someone honk at you in traffic? Do like the Jigga and brush that dirt off your shoulder. There are only six, short months until full blown Christmas. The time is almost upon you to start planning holiday menus so relish the sunny 1/2 Xmas time you have now and drink a beverage or two. And of course, it is almost shopping season but you could always put away a few beers to gift as aged goodies to friends and family.


Written by A+K

June 25th, 2014 at 3:48 pm

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