Lethal Cupcake Imperial Porter – Great South Bay Brewery (2014)



BLC Says:
Great South Bay Brewery Lethal Cupcake Imperial Porter is a limited, small batch and much anticipated release. While the story on the label features the capture and demise of cupcakes with “razor teeth” we are guessing no cupcakes (or brewers) were harmed in the making of this beer. In a move that is sure to please their fans this Bayshore, Long Island (NY) brewhouse has crafted a strong porter flavored with chocolate.

The aroma starts off with notes of sweetness, chocolate and coconut. Sticky sugar accents are met with a sharp bracing roasted note as the beer opens up. These mingle with a background of root beer and alcohol warmth. While there are loads of dark notes rising to greet you the overall scent is subdued. Those tricky killer cupcakes are laying in wait for you to take a sip before unleashing their fury.

Consuming Lethal Cupcake brings a wild wave of cupcake insanity through your mouth. It’s an aggressive beer with a fluffy mouthfeel riding on a medium body. Rich, deep roast assaults the palate. The sweetness (and cute side) of cupcakes are playing second or third fiddle. Tootsie pop-like chocolate and sweetness peek out from behind a corner every now and then. Like the boys of GSB these sugary features are hoping to reign in the evil cupcakes. Alcohol warms as the beer heads down the throat.

We’re sure shouts of, “You down with LCC?” were met with, “yeah you know me!” throughout GSB while this beer was was being brewed, bottled and especially tasted. Lethal Cupcake Imperial Porter is a bold release from a rapidly growing local brewery. If you like your beer packed with flavors in a medium-body, head down and grab a bottle.

What Alicia Thinks:
From the label and cute side story I was expecting a sweet, cake-like beer but in reality this is more of an earthy, roasted porter. The chocolate notes definitely came through but took a back seat to the alcohol and coffee flavors. I’d say this is one of my favorite beers I have had from Great South Bay, second to fond memories of their Snozberry Stout I have from a couple years ago (which was recently released again). I preferred it as it warmed a bit, so be sure to save some and not drink your whole glass right when it comes out of the fridge. They suggest the beer be served in a snifter at 45 degrees which seemed right on to me.

What Kevin Thinks:
Lethal Cupcake Imperial Porter is a roasted, sweet and medium bodied brew. I like the sweet notes of chocolate coming through in the aroma balanced by roasted bits in the back. These players switch positions with the deep dark flavors coming forward through the length of the sip. GSB has produced a potent concoction here in LCC. An interesting beer for sure, this micro batch strong porter is out for only a limited time.

Style: Imperial Chocolate/Strong Porter ABV: 9% IBU: 25 Color: Opaque Black Year: 2014 Brewery: Great South Bay Brewery

The Brewery Says:
An experiment at GSB Labs went extremely wrong! Rather than splicing the worlds best tasting chocolate cupcake, a genetic accident produced man eating razor teeth cupcakes. We would have lost Jon if it hadn’t been for Greg’s quick skills with a mash paddle to swat these vicious morsels into the boil kettle. Kevin & Mike quickly closed the kettle hatch as the savage cupcakes sank into the scalding wort. Rick powered on the spinning rakes, blending them into our imperial chocolate porter. To save all of mankind this beer gone wrong was fermented for weeks as to not expose these lethal cupcakes to society. The hatch was opened & what was produced is an out this world delicious imperial chocolate porter that we bottled & call Lethal Cupcake.

Written by A+K

March 14th, 2014 at 2:49 pm

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