Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts Single Malt And Single Hop Brew Day at Great South Bay Brewery or LIBME SMASH @ GSB = RAD


Recently members of local beer appreciation soceity Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts were given the oppurtunity to brew a (large) batch of beer at Great South Bay Brewery. This brew day was put together by club member and BJCP judge extraordinaire Andrew Luberto. The idea for this brew day grew out of a sensory class covering hops (you know hops, the bittering, flavoring, perserving agent used to produce beer) also put together by Mr. Luberto. During the class club members had a chance to learn about several different varieties of hops (or Humulus Lupulus if you are feeling sciencey) and their applications. When the class had wrapped a few attendees suggested to Andrew that a brew day should be organized to utilize the remaining hops allowing members of LIBME to experience what characteristics these flowers imaprt to a brew. Andrew, thinking the idea a good one, organized the day with assistance of LIBME club luminaries including president Todd Long, Bobby “Po’ Boy” Rodriguez and our brewing partner in crime Frank Filacchione as well as members of GSB Phil and Kevin pitching in.

The day began early and was packed with tons of brewing discussion, hop evaluation and of course beer tasting. All of the attendees were glad to have a chance to gather and brew up some beer. The actual brew was a simple recipe consisting of a single malt and a single hop (referred to as a SMASH beer). The malt selected was two row and the hops ranged from Mosaic to Kazebek and even an #6300 an experimental hop. These hops were each added to a different 3 gallon batch of wort and taken home by club volunteers to ferment. The yeast used for the fermentation was drawn directly from a fermenting tank of Great South Bay Brewery’s own Blonde Ambition. This was something to see as the yeast poured as a “slurry” or mix of beer and yeast. During the brewing process we also had a chance to try some really nice beers contributed by club members and we brought a few along as well. The Cigar City Jai Alai we brought along was a huge hit (review of that IPA coming soon). The true highlight to the day however was when the host, founder and brewmaster of GSB Rick Sobotka arrived to spend some time with the club and to pour a few samples of their new Golden IPA “Field 5” for us straight from the brite tank where the beer was conditioning. This truly turned out to be a fun and memorable day for everyone. With all the talk of hops it made us even more excited for Beer Loves Company + Hops to have it’s first harvest out at Condzella Farms (more on that soon too). Here we leave you with some images from the day. Feel free to contact us with questions about the hops, brewing or Great South Bay. Enjoy.













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