Pairing Holiday Seasonal Beers with Christmas Movies


It seems that beer pairs well with just about everything. Or at least we think it does. Beer & cheese, beer & pizza, beer & cookies and the list goes on. But what about beers that pair with your favorite holiday movies? Since Christmas is arguably the most wonderful time of the year for seasonal movies (minus maybe Halloween) why not find the perfect beer to compliment each viewing? Here’s our list of picks.

christmas beers

Ithaca Beer Co. Embrrr with Die Hard

After kicking the crap out of robbers posing as terrorists, jumping off on a roof as it explodes all while smoking like a chimney and befriending Carl Winslow we think John Mclane would reach for something warming with a good amount of alcohol to make him forget his glass shredded feet. So while watching old Roy run through the paces we suggest reaching for an Ithaca Beer Co. Embrrr. We get touches of chocolate, roasted notes, hints of spice and a bracing bitter finish

Troegs Brewing Company Mad Elf with Elf

As much as Buddy the Elf loves “syrup” aka liquor in his coffee, we think Troegs Brewing Company Mad Elf could be his next mailroom drink of choice. A sweet, candy like brew that tastes more like cherries and honey than beer, it’s 11% ABV will have him starting dance parities in no time. Pairs well with traditional elf breakfast dishes like spaghetti covered in maple syrup and candy.

Sierra Nevada Celebration with Christmas Vacation

When cousin Eddie proclaims, “Merry Christmas, shitter’s full,” there’s really nothing left to do but crack open a beer. Between the stress of waiting for a holiday bonus, trying and failing to cook the perfect turkey and dealing with deaf Aunt Bethany and her flaming cat why not reach for a Celebration by Sierra Nevada? A uniquely hoppy and bitter holiday beer for the unique (and sometimes bitter) holiday Clark Griswald.

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout with It’s a Wonderful Life

While the angels getting their wings every time a bell rings may be one of the cute moments everyone remembers let’s be real: Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life is a movie about a man’s struggle with his place in the world. George Bailey (played by ol’ Jimmy Stewart) is down trodden having given up his hopes and aspirations in service of others. He is the nice guy looking back on his life with lots of regret and feelings of finishing last and contemplating suicide on Christmas Eve. Wow that is some depressing and dark shit.

You know what else is dark? (Wait for it…) Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout. This complex winter seasonal has the same level of dimension Capra’s black and white masterpiece does. Layered roasted notes mingle with flecks of chocolate and warming alcohol before, like It’s a Wonderful Life, coming around to a happy warming finish. If you plan on watching this classic Christmas parable this year reach for a 11% ABV fortifying Black Chocolate Stout.

Bell’s Christmas Ale with Home Alone

If you remember one thing about Home Alone it’s probably the way a small child unrealistically outsmarted two grown men who chose to rob houses as their career path. Or maybe it’s the fact that if an 8 year old was in that situation today his parents could just pop him a text as soon as they landed, rather than dealing with pay phone/home phone drama. Or just the phrase, “Keep the change you filthy animal.” But, if you remember quite a few details about Home Alone then you are familiar with the hit song that plays during a montage of Kevin running home. Yes, it’s Carol of the Bells which we are convinced no one actually knows the words to, they just sing “Bells” every couple seconds. After Kevin’s parents reunited with their brave little son it makes sense that they would have enjoyed a smooth, fruity and malty Bell’s Christmas Ale in his honor.

Steel Reserve with Bad Santa

We imagine Billy Bob Thornton ringing in the holidays with Steel Reserve, whether he is playing a disgruntled Santa or not.  In case you aren’t familiar with it, Steel Reserve is an 8% ABV malt liquor beverage that tastes like a cross between Bud Heavy and pennies. Mmmm. Also, it is kind of shocking to now see that Steel Reserve, the strong drink of our youth, has about as much alcohol as your average craft beer. But anyway, we know Bad Santa is just trying to get a buzz on to get through Christmas and he isn’t exactly rolling in dough, so Steel Reserve is the obvious choice. The convenient tall boy format makes these perfect for chugging when Santa needs to take five but stay intoxicated.

Drink up and Happy Holidays from the BLC family to yours!

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