Point of Origin Cheese – Sixpoint Brewery & Sprout Creek Farm (2012)


Today we are going to switch it up a bit and review a cheese called Point of Origin. But this isn’t just any cheese, it is a collaboration between Sixpoint Brewery from Brooklyn, NY and Spout Creek Farm from Poughkeepsie, NY. This raw cow milk cheese is being produced exclusively for Whole Foods in the Northeast. This cheese is aged in Sixpoint Diesel, a black IPA/stout combo, for 60 days. This process generally produces a more pungent rind and is fairly common in cheese making, though it usually uses brine as the liquid. The cheese has a cost of $24.99/pound, but you can get an entire round for under $15.00 as this is not a very heavy product.

It comes wrapped in paper boasting the familiar Sixpoint logo and as soon as you open the package there is no mistaking that you are about to enjoy a very funky cheese. There are barnyard and grass aromas, but you can smell the roasted alcohol quite clearly as well. The scent is most concentrated in the rind but it definitely permeates through the entire round of cheese. This is a fairly soft cheese but it holds up well to a knife and you are able to cut neat slices from it. The rind has a dark ashy color but once it is cut into the cream colored center is revealed. It is best spread on a cracker or veggie, but can be enjoyed alone as well for maximum flavor. The taste is strong, but not quite as pungent as the smell. There are some barnyard notes that come through, but also a sweetness that can be attributed to the beer. You can almost taste hints of coffee from the stout coming through, but oddly enough it works with the earthy flavors of the cheese. This kept well in the refrigerator and one round produced several servings.

About the Beer: Sixpoint Diesel

About the Cheese: Sprout Creek Farm

Kevin Overall: I think this is a good flavor aroma and texture. I do think the beer comes through and the barn qualities mix well with it. I think this is a nice cheese and would be interesting to someone that likes a little funky cheese.

Alicia Overall: My first reaction to this cheese was “two of my favorite things combined. It’s a hit.” However, for me it is more of a special occasion treat than an everyday staple. As we continued to eat it I became less enthusiastic and some of the funky flavors that I liked at first did not seem to agree with me. I definitely enjoyed this cheese and appreciated the collaboration and end result, but it works best for me in moderation.


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