Surge Protector Sandy Relief Ale – Blue Point Brewing Company (2013)



BLC Says:
Surge Protector Sandy Relief Ale is, as you may have guessed, an ale that was brewed to help support victims of Hurricane Sandy. Among the thousands who faced damages from Sandy were Long Islands Barrier Brewing Company in Oceanside, who had the majority of their brewing equipment destroyed by flooding. The proceeds from this beer support Barrier’s rebuild as well as Long Island Cares, a local charity that has been active in the community for over 30 years. In addition to benefitting from this brew in recent years Long Island Cares has also partnered with Blue Point Brewery to collect donations during their annual Cask Fest (if you are attending this Saturday, bring something to support Long Islanders in need).

Surge Protector, presented as a session IPA, is actually a collaboration beer between eight local breweries. Members from each brewery brought an ingredient for Surge Protector to Blue Point in Patchouge this past December (2012) to brew this beer together. It was officially released in late January and was distributed (by Clare Rose) across Long Island and to some other parts of NY as well. After trying it on tap we were able to get our hands on one of the 22 oz. “bomber” bottles. We are also happy to report that Barrier Brewing Company is back up and running, thanks in part to their friends in the brewing community coming together and supporting them.

When poured, this beer is bronze-copper in color and the body is full of vigorous carbonation. A bright white head is produced which eventually settles into very thin cap which leaves behind clumpy lacing with every sip. Though the aroma is hoppy, it doesn’t pack a piney punch that many have come to associate with an IPA. Here you find a more grassy scent with a slight hint of resin. This is balanced by a bit of caramel malty goodness with very slight fruity notes in the background. The beer is medium bodied and the carbonation that was visible in the pour plays a large part in the sip as well, carrying the flavors through to the swallow. A bready, floral sweetness props this beer up as the backbone for the taste. Some of the grassy bitterness and a slight resin also come into play as the hops way of getting in on the action. Though this is a fairly mild beer there is no shortage of flavor here and the designation of “session” (while a stretch definition wise) would be the course of action we’d suggest with this brew. Surge Protector is a good beer for great causes.

What Alicia Thinks:
Though this is not really one of my favorite styles, it is great to see so many local breweries pull together to support the community and a fellow brewery in need. While so many industries are competitive to the point of being cut throat, it is refreshing that Long Island brewers constantly work together to enhance local craft beer. Surge Protector is a perfect example of this type of unity and the fact that beer can really bring people together in more ways than one

What Kevin Thinks:
This beer was easy drinking, though not that easy to obtain. That is a good thing since portions of the proceeds went to restore Barrier Brewing Company (yea) and to Long Island Cares (double yea). I enjoyed this beer on draft and out of the bottle and found it to be fairly balanced with the scales leaning a bit toward the malt side of things. This beer keeps it simple, nice hops, great malts in a medium bodied “session” brew. This delivers nice flavors in a manageable, accessible package. Kind of a “door opening” IPA. For me this is a 7.5/10.

Style: Session IPA ABV: 5% IBU: ? Color: Copper Year: 2013 Brewery: Blue Point Brewing Company (Along with Blind Bat Brewery, Great South Bay Brewery, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, Long Ireland Beer Company, Port Jefferson Brewing Company & Spider Bite Brewing Company)

The Brewery Says:
Eight Long Island breweries gathered at Blue Point Brewery on December 4th, 2012 to brew Surge Protector Sandy Relief Ale after Hurricane Sandy devastated Long Island and destroyed Barrier Brewing Company in Oceanside. Each brewery contributed ingredients to the special one-off batch to commemorate one of the largest collaborations in craft brewing history.

Surge Protector Sandy Relief Ale is a 5.0% ABV, session IPA, brewed to be enjoyed by everyone and appreciated by hop heads. Clare Rose Inc. funded the project and is handling all distribution. The proceeds of beer, t-shirt sales, tap handle auctions and public contributions will be donated to Long Island Cares for victims of Hurricane Sandy and the recovering brewery.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this cause…we’ll see you in the tasting room for a pint!


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