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Blond on Blonde : November 20 at The Lark in East Northport


Blond on Blonde

Back in May, the Brewer’s East End Revival hosted their 18th annual home brewing competition. Each year beers from around the country are sent in to the B.E.E.R. Brew-Off with the hopes they will receive positive feedback and perhaps take home a prize. Nearly 200 beers were judged in multiple categories at this years event with prizes being given out for best stout of the day all the way to best in show, but there was no award coveted more than the Brewer’s Cup.

“Why?” you may ask. Each year the Brewer’s Cup winning beer, which is selected by a local Long Island brewery, has their homebrew recipe scaled up and professionally brewed. Last years winner was Bobby Rodriguez, who is now getting ready to launch his very own venture: Poboy Brewery. His award winning Imperial Force was brewed by Port Jeff Brewing Co. and has now been aging for over a year, with a bottle release coming soon. At 2014’s brew-off, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company selected and would ultimately brew the wining beer. After a long day of deliberations where DJ Swanson, head brewer of GHBC participated in the judging, a winner emerged: Jim & Jean Thoms’ Belgian Blond Ale. keep reading...

Homebrewing a Cherry Oatmeal Stout We Call Cherry-O



If you are a casual reader of Beer Loves Company then you no doubt know that we have been homebrewing quite often lately. We learned the art (or craft if you prefer) by brewing with other members of both homebrewing clubs to which we belong and by doing research as well as some experimentation. All of this knowledge and effort has been put into practice frequently over the past few months. The craft beer scene has been garnering increased interest seemingly every day with beer festivals, charity events and even breweries popping up like gremlins from Gizmo’s back after getting wet. If you don’t get that reference google Gremlins or better yet just watch the movie. This is the perfect time of year for a horror/Christmas movie mash up. keep reading...