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Pairing Holiday Seasonal Beers with Christmas Movies


It seems that beer pairs well with just about everything. Or at least we think it does. Beer & cheese, beer & pizza, beer & cookies and the list goes on. But what about beers that pair with your favorite holiday movies? Since Christmas is arguably the most wonderful time of the year for seasonal movies (minus maybe Halloween) why not find the perfect beer to compliment each viewing? Here’s our list of picks.

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Ithaca Beer Co. Embrrr with Die Hard

After kicking the crap out of robbers posing as terrorists, jumping off on a roof as it explodes all while smoking like a chimney and befriending Carl Winslow we think John Mclane would reach for something warming with a good amount of alcohol to make him forget his glass shredded feet. So while watching old Roy run through the paces we suggest reaching for an Ithaca Beer Co. Embrrr. We get touches of chocolate, roasted notes, hints of spice and a bracing bitter finish keep reading...

Photo Update: National Homebrewers Conference 2014 in Grand Rapids Michigan (NHC 2014)


We are currently attending the 36th annual American Homebrewers Association National Homebrewing Conference (or AHA NHC) in Grand Rapids Michigan. Between seminars on everything from ice cider to harvesting your own yeast, we have been able to get out and explore the city a bit. They’re not kidding when they say this is “Beer City USA”. Look for a full recap of the conference to come, but for now here is a brief look into our adventure so far.

Want to join the American Homebrewers Association? Discounts, a free subscription to Zymurgy and a chance to attend the NHC next year in San Diego await you. Oh, and you might just get to meet this guy (Charlie Papazian, father of the AHA). Click him if you’re into it.
keep reading...

Hopslam Ale – Bell’s Brewery Inc. (2014)


BLC Says:
Bell’s Hopslam pours a clear light amber color with orange hues and a bright white fluffy head sitting atop it all. Carbonation is very visible in the body and the foam leaves behind lots of sticky lacing. The aroma is a mix between fruit and hops, though it does change as the beer sits a bit. Initially there are lots of candied citrus notes with earthy, pungent hops in the background. As Hopslam warms, the aroma peaks with a heavy melon presence but then the fruit and hops begin to fade and alcohol becomes predominant. Bottom line, this is not a beer you let warm up a bit before enjoying. Upon taking a sip, you are immediately hit with tons of prickly carbonation and a sticky, sweet body with well mingled alcohol undertones. There is a bit of a candied, syrup like quality that makes way for a bitter, earthy finish. Though citrus is more prevalent in the aroma than the flavor, orange notes really come out in the aftertaste. Again, as it warms the alcohol begins to overpower the other elements. keep reading...

Written by A+K

March 7th, 2014 at 8:30 am