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The Perfect Crime – Evil Twin Brewing/Stillwater Artisanal Ales/Stone Brewing Co. (2012)


20140310-083642.jpgBLC Says:
The Perfect Crime is a collaboration brew between Evil Twin Brewing, Stillwater Artisinal Ales & Stone Brewing Co. Having brewed a stout/saison hybrid ourselves a few months back, and participating in a collaboration of our own yesterday which unexpectedly evolved into brewing a dark saison, we figured this was a perfect time to break out The Perfect Crime (slow clap…).

Though this beer was released in November of 2012, we didn’t crack it open until recently so the bottle had almost a year and a half of age to it. It pours with a clear, dark body that had deep ruby and garnet highlights throughout when held to the light. The small, cream colored head is thin but the lacing stays up even as the beer sits. The aroma is a bit on the funky side, with several components coming from the glass at once. Up front, it is heavy on the licorice/anise which then gives way to Belgian, yeast heavy spiced notes. The yeast is very prevalent and has a creamy, yogurt like scent. On top of everything else there is subtle chocolate, coffee and smoke throughout. keep reading...

Written by A+K

March 10th, 2014 at 7:37 am