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Port Jeff Brewing Company & Bobby Rodriguez Imperial Force Ready to Debut


Humble Cups Holding Blends of Imperial Force

Humble Plastic Cups Holding Blends of Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Force

Edit: To quote Mike Philbrick there was an “operator error” on our original article. Imperial Force will be released on draught December 26 at 7 pm at the Country Corner in East Seauket and in bottles around the new year.

Da Da Da Dada Da Dada Da…

Rain fell at the 2013 Brewers East End Revival Brew-Off award ceremony. The day began sunny and with chaotic activity taking place in and around the location, a small American Legion Hall in Saint James, New York. As modest as the space and event were, lots of planning had been devoted to assuring this iteration of the annual event was well organized and run to the Beer Judge Certification Program standards. Additionally, steps were taken to include food, drink, fun and prizes for volunteers who would be sacrificing one of their Saturdays in May by helping to set up, pour beer and organize results. Through sheer lack of interest from other club members, Beer Loves Company’s very own Kevin ended up as the “Competition Coordinator” which meant by proxy Alicia was on the job too. Though trying, the day would prove enjoyable for us, A+K, as we saw homebrewers and attendees both discuss brewing and cheer each other on when awards were handed out to those who had crafted fine ales, lagers, ciders or meads. keep reading...

Imperial Force: A Bobby Rodriguez + Port Jeff Brewing Jam


As most of you already know, Bobby Rodriguez was the winner of The Brewers Cup at the 17th annual B.E.E.R homebrewing competition. In addition to a pretty sweet trophy, his prize also included having his winning beer brewed (and eventually released) by the guys at Port Jeff Brewing Company. Imperial Force, the award winning porter, was brewed last Sunday and we had the opportunity to be there along with the mastermind himself, Bobby Rodriguez.

Head brewer Jeff Noakes was on site bright and early to begin the brew day and walk us all through the steps of production on such a large scale. He worked closely with Bobby to ensure that his vision was being carried out and the beer being brewed was as close to the original as possible. To date, Imperial Force is the highest ABV beer that Port Jeff has produced. Bobby’s home brewed version was aged for around 2 years, then placed in bourbon barrels for the weeks leading up to the competition, and clocked in at 15.5% ABV, though it is yet to be seen where this incarnation will land. The beer should be available in late fall, but as it develops we will give an update on when and where you will be able to get your hands on some Imperial Force. We tried Bobby’s version that won the competition (and the wort after Sundays brew day) and can assure you that this is a beer you will want to try. keep reading...

17th Annual B.E.E.R. Brewer’s Cup Winner: Bobby “Po’ Boy” Rodriguez!!!



Every year the Brewer’s East End Revival Homebrew club hosts an annual Brew-Off. This club is based out of Long Island (NY) and has held the competition in Saint James, NY the past few years. It is an event which draws in 300 or so entries each year and also brings together tons of beer fans from around the country. Entries have come in from all over the country and the homebrewing community is well represented at this event.

A highlight of this annual gathering of brewing fans and skilled artisans is the awarding of the Brewer’s Cup. The winner of the cup has the honor of having their winning homebrew recipe brewed and distributed by a local brewery. In past years breweries have included John Harvard’s and the ever growing Long Island craft brewing pioneers Blue Point Brewing Company. It has been a great thrill for the members of the club to compete for the cup and for the winners to see their beer produced and sold to the thirsty public. keep reading...

Crafting A Beer: Cask Time by Bobby Rodriguez (2013)


This is a first for us here at BLC. We have asked our friend and co-brewing conspirator Bobby Rodriguez to put something together on Cask Ale. The beer we made with him (Fünke a Mint Blueberry Kölsch) for the 2013 Blue Point Brewing Company Cask Ales Festival was, of course, put into a cask. Stop by the Brewer’s East End Revival (B.E.E.R.) table to give it a try if you are attending. Unfortunately we were not there for the process and left the transfer of beer from carboy to cask in the capable hands of Bobby. Since we missed out on the experience we decided to let Bobby talk a bit about his experience and to share some of his knowledge of cask ale with you. So without further rambling from us, here is Bobby Rodriguez’s “Cask Time”. keep reading...

Written by A+K

April 12th, 2013 at 11:30 pm

Crafting a Beer: Execution – Fünke a Mint Blueberry Kölsch (2013)


About a week after our careful recipe planning (which you should read about by clicking here), it was time to brew our Fünke a Mint Blueberry Kölsch. Well, technically we would just be brewing a kölsch base beer at this point. Quickly, for those who do not know, a kölsch is a traditional style of German beer originating in Cologne. It is brewed with an ale yeast but is lagered for a time linking it with some other central Northern European beers such as altbier. Our mint and blueberry additions won’t be mixed with the beer until it is time to put the brew into the cask. The kölsch recipe we came up with was a hybrid culled from various influences one being Brewing Classic Styles (which is a book all aspiring home brewers should pick up). With this beer we would have one foot (ok, maybe a few toes) in tradition and the other deeply in experimentation, new ideas and thirsty optimism. Using Brewing Classic Styles and it’s theories on brewing a kölsch as well as Bobby’s vast experience in brewing to style we would have a solid foundation upon which to paint with our flavor palette. keep reading...