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Beer Loves Company in Dusseldorf, Germany!


Düsseldorf: home of Christmas markets, potato pancakes and Altbier. Düseldorf is home to nine brewpubs that all produce Altbier on site and we were able to visit a good chunk of them in just under three days (sounds like a tough job right?).

Geeky beer side note: Altbier came about in 1838 when the Schümacher brewery needed a name to distinguish their top fermenting beer from the other bottom fermenting beers being produced. Alt is typically a dark copper color with some fruity esters accenting the malty, hoppy backbone. As with the Kölsch in Cologne each Alt brewery (or brauerei in German) falls somewhere along the spectrum. We both found Altbier to be a very tasty and highly drinkable style. We would welcome craft brewers here at home to try their hand at producing this “old style” brew. keep reading...

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December 18th, 2013 at 2:50 pm

Beer Loves Company in Cologne, Germany!


Cologne, Germany (know as Köln to it’s people) is the birthplace and home of Kölsch beer. Kölsch is warm-fermented & cold-conditioned (or lagered) and results in a brew that is straw yellow in color with prominent hoppiness. Kölsch, like Cologne itself, has been in direct competition with Altbier and neighboring Düsseldorf for many years.

As we are learning, there are 13 breweries in Cologne who produce Kölsch and they all serve it in a similar fashion: refilling your .2 L glass whenever it looks a bit low, without any prompting (most times). Take note, New York. Of course, this trip isn’t all about beer as we have been taking in the Christmas themed sights as well. Here are a few moments from our journey before we move on to Düsseldorf, home of the Altbier. keep reading...

Visiting Newburgh Brewing Company – Newburgh, NY


On a recent fall foliage trip to Mr. Apples, the weirdest little apple orchard you ever did encounter, we planned to take the scenic route home and hit up a few breweries. On the top of our list was the home of Newburgh Brewing Company, conveniently located about an hour and fifteen minutes from Manhattan. After spending a couple days checking out the craft beer scene in the New Paltz/Kingston area (including a visit to Keegan Ales), we headed back downstate to spend a little time in the sometimes sketchy Newburgh and it’s neighboring city, the sometimes hip Beacon, which we heard referred to as “the new Brooklyn” at least ten times. But anyway, this is all about Newburgh Brewery so we will save the upstate adventures for another time. keep reading...

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December 10th, 2013 at 9:35 pm

Port Jeff Brewing Company 2nd Anniversary Party – Saturday October 19, 2013



Owner & Brewmaster Mike Philbrick celebrating his brewery’s 1st birthday
It’s hard to believe that just two short years ago a trip to the quaint waterfront town of Port Jefferson, Long Island couldn’t be capped off by a brewery visit. Thankfully, Port Jeff Brewing Company came in and changed all that. Replacing The Red Sled Christmas Shoppe (don’t worry Santa enthusiasts, they just moved to the Harbor Square Mall), PJBC became the first and only brewery in owner Mike Philbricks hometown. keep reading...

By Style or Not by Style, Apparently it’s A Big Question!



Should shops organize their selections by brewery or by style? Ray Daniels (@Cicerone_org via Twitter) started the debate voting organizing by brewery. Ray says, “Wine is about grapes; beer is about breweries. We must have styles to help understand flavors, but character from brewery”, leaning on the fact the character is all about the brewery. For us, beer is equal parts style and brewery with neither taking a backseat.


But what about the new beer drinker coming in for the first time to a shop? Most likely they may be entering the shop with a brewery in mind (most likely one of the larger craft breweries). More often than not, however, these explorers are coming in looking to try something close to what they have liked but with a wider spectrum of flavors. Most new “crafties” are after a different experience within reason. We say organizing by style allows them to tread within, relatively, safe waters. keep reading...

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February 8th, 2013 at 10:45 pm