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Perrin Brewing Company – Comstock Park, Michigan

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One of the hidden gems on our recent trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the National Homebrewers Conference was hands down Perrin Brewing Co. in nearby Comstock Park. With a bit of downtime from the conference, we decided to rent a car and drive to Kalamazoo to visit Bell’s Eccentric Cafe and a couple smaller nearby breweries. On the way back from that venture, which will of course be getting it’s own post, we remembered that a bartender at Hop Cat had mentioned Perrin to us. A quick consult with Google Maps showed that it was basically on the way back to Grand Rapids, so to Perrin we went. keep reading...

Saison Dupont (Vielle Provision) – Brasserie Dupont (2012)


BLC Says
Brasserie Dupont Saison Dupont (still labeled as Vielle Provision here in the USA) is considered the standard of this refreshing Belgian farmhouse style. Saison (season in French) originally referred to refreshing ales brewed by farmers to be consumed during the summer. These beers started out around 3% abv but modern interpretations hover closer to 5-6% range. Saison Dupont is 6.5% and most current American saisons copy the yeast used by the Dupont brewery because it ferments better at warmer temperatures. Saison Dupont is popular all over the world and we have had the pleasure of tasting it in several countries including Belgium. This review is of a 2012 bottle purchased and enjoyed locally. We had our bottle of Saison Dupont on New Year’s Eve so this was the first beer enjoyed by BLC in the 2013. keep reading...

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January 5th, 2013 at 3:03 pm