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Upping the Ante on David Chang’s Douchiness – by a Grand Master BJCP Judge



This post is by a friend of Beer Loves Company. We appreciate the sentiment, passion, wit and Big Trouble in Little China reference contained herein. So read on for some jabs at a celebrity chef from a craft beer heavy weight. Enjoy! <3 A+K


I don’t typically take part in public commentary on the internet, simply because it’s too much of a messy process in a Wild West Royal Rumble sort of way. Posts stack on top of posts in an unending stream, most of the time barely literate, and rehashing the same worn out sentiments again and again leading to some sort of playground confrontation over the latest cat video on YouTube. However, when I came across this blog post by a GQ editor it was so outrageously absurd I felt that I had to either respond or burst like some David Lo Pan henchman (for all you Kurt Russell fans out there). keep reading...

Written by A+K

July 1st, 2015 at 10:14 am

Pairing Holiday Seasonal Beers with Christmas Movies


It seems that beer pairs well with just about everything. Or at least we think it does. Beer & cheese, beer & pizza, beer & cookies and the list goes on. But what about beers that pair with your favorite holiday movies? Since Christmas is arguably the most wonderful time of the year for seasonal movies (minus maybe Halloween) why not find the perfect beer to compliment each viewing? Here’s our list of picks.

christmas beers

Ithaca Beer Co. Embrrr with Die Hard

After kicking the crap out of robbers posing as terrorists, jumping off on a roof as it explodes all while smoking like a chimney and befriending Carl Winslow we think John Mclane would reach for something warming with a good amount of alcohol to make him forget his glass shredded feet. So while watching old Roy run through the paces we suggest reaching for an Ithaca Beer Co. Embrrr. We get touches of chocolate, roasted notes, hints of spice and a bracing bitter finish keep reading...

German Lebkuchen with Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout Glaze


In the spirit of Christmas, baking and beer we tweaked and combined a few recipes to come up with these German lebkuchen cookies with a chocolate stout glaze. In case you aren’t familiar with lebkuchen, they are sometimes referred to as “honey cookies” but we think they taste very similar to gingerbread. We used Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout but the recipe would work with any stronger sweet stout you have on hand. Oh, and you only need about 4 oz. of beer for the glaze so you still have a nice sized glass to enjoy with your warm, fresh out of the oven cookies. keep reading...

Written by A+K

December 22nd, 2014 at 7:42 am

McClure’s Pickling Class at The Brooklyn Kitchen


On Monday, January 13, we participated in a pickling class at The Brooklyn Kitchen’s  Manhattan location. We headed in a day early to hit up some craft beer bars (Blind Tiger & Ginger Man, most notably), enjoy some rare outdoor time this winter and eat a plethora of Japanese treats with Jeff & Lauren, Alicia’s brother and his girlfriend. They are the ones who gave us the class as a Christmas gift (thanks guys).


Having never been to The Brooklyn Kitchen, or the Gotham West Market it calls home, we ventured there a couple hours before the class began to see what else the market had to offer. Turns out, a lot! Well, if you like to eat and drink that is, which we just happen to. We made sure to arrive hungry so we could try some offerings from multiple vendors and we are glad we did. The bowl of hot and delicious noodles from Ivan Ramen was as good as any you’ll find throughout NYC. The oysters at El Comado were fresh and super affordable during happy hour. Our favorite stop on this tour of GWM was The Cannibal. keep reading...

Written by A+K

February 12th, 2014 at 9:35 am

BLC Beer Haul (Holiday 2012 Edition)


(From right: Samuel Adams Merry Mischief, He’brew Funky Jewbelation, Fantôme de Noel, Rogue-Voodoo Donuts Chocolate Peanut Butter & Banana Ale, Brooklyn Black Ops, Port Jeff Starboard Oatmeal Stout, Dogfish Head Olde School)

What did you all get for the holidays? Santa was good to us and we hope whatever magical creature you believe in was good to you too!

Written by A+K

December 29th, 2012 at 12:31 am