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Round Guys Brewing Company’s 35th Annual National Homebrewer’s Conference Commemorative Beer “Custer’s Last Stand” Pilsner: A Real Explosion!


UPDATE: via Twitter Scott Rudich owner and brewmaster of Round Guys Brewing reached out to let us (and you) know he will be appearing on an upcoming “Sunday Session” on the Brewing Network to discuss this issue in more depth. Here is the full content of the tweet: @RoundGuysBrewer: @BeerLovesCo @HomebrewAssoc I will be on an upcoming episode of the Sunday session to discuss in more depth @brewingnetwork

As some of you may know or perhaps had the misfortune to experience first hand, Round Guys Brewing Company, produced an infected and explosive commemorative beer called Custer’s Last Stand for the American Homebrewers Association’s recent 35th annual National Homebrewes Conference in Philadelphia. We had a great time at the NHC this year and were very happy to bring home some quasi-free beer. What we did not realize at the time was that the cans of Round Guys Brewing Company Custer’s Last Stand were essentially ticking yeast time bombs waiting to blow up all over the place. keep reading...