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All Day IPA (craft can) – Founders Brewing Company (2014)

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BLC Says:

Upon it’s release in 2012, Founders All Day IPA quickly became one of our favorite “session beers”, so we were super excited they started to can it. More exciting yet is that it is being sold in 15 packs that costs as much as most macro brew  12 packs. Perfect for summer in so many ways.

For the sake of this review we did pour the beer into a glass, but we won’t tell the craft beer police if you drink this one straight from the can. Founders All Day IPA pours a hazy golden yellow under a thin, bright white foamy cap with medium bubbles that leaves behind a bit of lacing.  The aroma is  slightly sweet with floral, light citrusy hops and a bit of resin present. A malty sweet caramel backbone is prevalent in the sip but the resiny, fruity hops are front and center. Though the body is light, it doesn’t feel thin in any way and instead just offers refreshment. The aftertaste leaves you with a nice balance of sweet and bitter, with slight floral flavors lingering. keep reading...

Written by A+K

May 12th, 2014 at 10:18 am

McClure’s Pickling Class at The Brooklyn Kitchen


On Monday, January 13, we participated in a pickling class at The Brooklyn Kitchen’s  Manhattan location. We headed in a day early to hit up some craft beer bars (Blind Tiger & Ginger Man, most notably), enjoy some rare outdoor time this winter and eat a plethora of Japanese treats with Jeff & Lauren, Alicia’s brother and his girlfriend. They are the ones who gave us the class as a Christmas gift (thanks guys).


Having never been to The Brooklyn Kitchen, or the Gotham West Market it calls home, we ventured there a couple hours before the class began to see what else the market had to offer. Turns out, a lot! Well, if you like to eat and drink that is, which we just happen to. We made sure to arrive hungry so we could try some offerings from multiple vendors and we are glad we did. The bowl of hot and delicious noodles from Ivan Ramen was as good as any you’ll find throughout NYC. The oysters at El Comado were fresh and super affordable during happy hour. Our favorite stop on this tour of GWM was The Cannibal. keep reading...

Written by A+K

February 12th, 2014 at 9:35 am