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Thoughts and Pictures from the Rocky Point Artisan Brewer’s Cask Festival – January 25th 2014


Northport Harbor Frozen

As we sit down to type this little article snow is once again falling across Long Island. A blanket of white has covered all of the tress and roads in our quiet neighborhood. It seems to us a perfect time to reflect on the similarly snowy day of January 25th, 2014. That was the day of the Rocky Point Artisan Brewers held their fourth annual Nano Cask Festival & Farmer’s Market.

The boys of Rocky Point Artisan Brewers should be familiar to the readership of Beer Loves Company. We have mentioned them in the past in high regard. Mike Voigt and Donovan Hall (two thirds of RPAB) are fixtures of the Long Island beer scene. As longtime members of Brewer’s East End Revival (the oldest homebrewing club here on LI) Donavon and Mike became known as producers of fine ales and lagers. These two gentleman are firmly connected with BEER in our memory as well. keep reading...

BROWN (out) – Brewing up an American Brown Ale



YOU: Hello.

BLC: Hey.

YOU: So you guys brewed a Brown Ale huh? You don’t often see those available.

BLC: Hell yeah we brewed a Brown Ale!!!

YOU: This Brown Ale was served in a cask?

BLC: Yeah, cask ale = real ale (at least according to CAMRA)

YOU: How did it go over?

BLC: We kicked a 10 gallon firkin in one night and got nice feedback, in other words: GREAT.

YOU: Nice now how did you guys over at Beer Loves Company come to brew this beer?

BLC: Read on to the next paragraph to find out!

Still with us? Good. Now, this Brown Ale we brewed was truly the brain child of our friend Matt Bollerman. We were both lucky enough to have the chance to brew this beer with Matt who is an experienced Beer Judge Certification Program judge and an award winning homebrewer. All of us belong to both the Brewer’s East End Revival (B.E.E.R.) and Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts (L.I.B.M.E.) and met through these local clubs. keep reading...

Blue Point Brewery Entitlement Porter Release – Election Day (2012)


On Election Day this year two things happened: Barack Obama was once again elected President and Blue Point Brewing Company released their version of his White House Porter. Their version of this brew is named Entitlement Porter. The brewers proudly produced this beer, in their words, for the 47%. Giving you our two cents we’d say they hit the mark.

While more things surely must have occurred on Tuesday, November 6th, these two events were what our day revolved around. The beer was released to coincide with the election. In fact if you had voted that day you were given a free draft pint of the new release. These freebies were promoted as being “entitled” to the patrons visiting the brewery fresh from exercising their democratic rights. keep reading...

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November 12th, 2012 at 1:34 am