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Craft Beer and Christmas Joy in Vienna Austria


As you can probably see by the title, we are currently visiting Vienna, Austria for a little bit of Christmas cheer and craft beer (hey, that rhymes). Not only is Vienna beautiful city with great food, it becomes extremely festive around the holidays. Christmas markets are scattered throughout the city featuring dozens of stands selling homemade gifts, foods like roasted chestnuts and potato pancakes and hot mulled wines and punch.

Outside of the markets, Vienna has a thriving craft beer scene with several bars and breweries right in the city center. 7 Stern Brau has a beer vending machine right in their lobby which really can’t be beat. We even drank a version of Victory HopDevil, which is brewed at 1516 Brau using the Pennsylvania based recipe. Also at 1516 we met the quite famous “Beer Pope” Conrad Siedl who was very enlightening about Vienna’s beer scene. keep reading...

Beer Loves Company in Cologne, Germany!


Cologne, Germany (know as Köln to it’s people) is the birthplace and home of Kölsch beer. Kölsch is warm-fermented & cold-conditioned (or lagered) and results in a brew that is straw yellow in color with prominent hoppiness. Kölsch, like Cologne itself, has been in direct competition with Altbier and neighboring Düsseldorf for many years.

As we are learning, there are 13 breweries in Cologne who produce Kölsch and they all serve it in a similar fashion: refilling your .2 L glass whenever it looks a bit low, without any prompting (most times). Take note, New York. Of course, this trip isn’t all about beer as we have been taking in the Christmas themed sights as well. Here are a few moments from our journey before we move on to Düsseldorf, home of the Altbier. keep reading...