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Saider: Let the Great Experiment Begin!



You: What’s a Saaiiideer?

Us: Saider (SAI-DER) is a saison brewed using apple cider instead of water. When that finished fermenting it was a little acetic so we balanced it with a black currant and pinot noir pyment.

You: That sounds weird.

Us: It is. Want to try it?


We think that will be how most exchanges will go when people first come up to try Saider (remember it’s pronounced SAI-DER). The idea to brew a beer but use apple cider instead of water was unique enough but when the resulting brew turned out more acetic then some of us would like balancing it out with a pyment seemed like a good idea. So now we have a beverage that literally is comprised of three different drinks. This is the definition of experimentation. Let the Great Experiment BEGIN! keep reading...

J.K.’s Cuvée Winterruption Farmhouse Organic Hard Cider – Almar Orchards (2013)



BLC Says:
At it’s core (ouch!) Cider is a beverage made from apple juice and yeast. It is a beverage that is gaining in popularity with numerous varieties springing up in numerous styles and flavors. With the weather changing and becoming colder as the fall season stretches on, we wanted a richer fuller cider and J.K.’s Cuvée Winterruption Farmhouse Hard Cider was the one we chose.

This cider, with a mouthful of a name, comes from the great and chilly state of Michigan. Almar Orchards has a long and storied tradition of growing apples and producing cider. Currently the fourth and the fifth-generations of Koan’s own and operate the produce, grain and livestock which sprawls on for 500 acres featuring organic meadows and pastures. They suggest stopping by to enjoy a “slice” of Old-Tyme of American farm life. That sounds like some fun but tasting some farm-fresh cider makes it sound even better. keep reading...

Brewing up a Cider – Apple of my Chai



Apple of my Chai is the name of a cider we brewed to pour at the Brewer’s East End Revival (B.E.E.R.) homebrew club table during the inaugural edition of Great South Bay Brewing Company’s Punktoberfest. This event is GSB’s celebration of all things fall, Oktoberfest and Punk Rock. The edict for bringing a beer to pour at P-Fest was that it needed to be “fall themed”. This of course opened the flood gates for pumpkin and Oktoberfest style beers. While we are fans of those categories of beer we thought bringing a cider would be a change of pace for us and the patrons who would come and try a pour (or two). keep reading...

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October 23rd, 2013 at 8:34 am

Upcider Cider House & Gastropub – San Francisco


Upcider is a second floor food and drink establishment we had the pleasure of visiting on a recent trip to San Francisco. They define themselves as a “cider house-gastropub” and this tag line is right on the money. Though they also boast a fairly impressive craft beer and wine menu, the real beverage star here is cider.


When presented with the menus, we were surprised to see that the cider offerings take up more space than the food and beer menus combined. A full page of domestic ciders are available, with staples like Angry Orchard, Woodchuck and Crispin in bottles ranging from 12-25 ounces. Other lesser known North American cideries also appear on the menu, mostly located on the West Coast. However, the most interesting options (to us, at least) were the few dozen international ciders in house. Mostly European (with the exception of a few from New Zealand), we chose to order a bottle of sidra from Spain. keep reading...

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October 21st, 2013 at 3:56 pm

Brewing Amalgam in the Middle: A Beer/Cider Hybrid


We recently brewed a graff (or for non Stephen King fans, a beer & cider mix) using Briess Special Roast Malt. Side note: “graff” is actually a beer/cider hybrid that was drank in one of Stephen Kings novels and was also named and invented by the author. This is not any sort of technical name in the same way you can’t pop into a store and buy Butterbeer. Anyway, the special roast was the one ingredient that all brewers for the B.E.E.R OctoBEERfest brew off were required to use and we wanted to do something unique with it. Turns out, everyone in the club was very creative with their application as it wound up in everything from an Oatmeal Stout to an Apricot Ale to a Sourdough Roggenbier. keep reading...

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September 21st, 2013 at 5:35 pm