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McClure’s Pickling Class at The Brooklyn Kitchen


On Monday, January 13, we participated in a pickling class at The Brooklyn Kitchen’s  Manhattan location. We headed in a day early to hit up some craft beer bars (Blind Tiger & Ginger Man, most notably), enjoy some rare outdoor time this winter and eat a plethora of Japanese treats with Jeff & Lauren, Alicia’s brother and his girlfriend. They are the ones who gave us the class as a Christmas gift (thanks guys).


Having never been to The Brooklyn Kitchen, or the Gotham West Market it calls home, we ventured there a couple hours before the class began to see what else the market had to offer. Turns out, a lot! Well, if you like to eat and drink that is, which we just happen to. We made sure to arrive hungry so we could try some offerings from multiple vendors and we are glad we did. The bowl of hot and delicious noodles from Ivan Ramen was as good as any you’ll find throughout NYC. The oysters at El Comado were fresh and super affordable during happy hour. Our favorite stop on this tour of GWM was The Cannibal. keep reading...

Written by A+K

February 12th, 2014 at 9:35 am

The Gobblette: Getting Creative with Thanksgiving Leftovers & Eggs


20131201-180109.jpgTurkey Day is over but your fridge is likely still filled with leftovers. Instead of making ourselves a Gobblenator, like we did last year, Kevin came up with a way to combine brunch and Thanksgiving this year. Without further adieu we present you the Gobblette, the most American omelet you ever did cook (and eat).

First off, heat up a plate of all the leftovers you want to eat in omelet form. We opted to go with stuffing, creamed spinach, corn soufflé, ham, turkey and cranberry sauce on the side. keep reading...

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December 1st, 2013 at 11:01 pm

Oatmeal Stout Banana Pancakes


After brewing our Cherry-O Oatmeal Stout and bringing it to the Babylon Lions Club Food, Beer & Wine Expo, we still came home with about half a keg left. Though we have been drinking our fair share of it, we figured might as well get it involved in cooking too.

We had some overripe bananas that we originally planned to make spent grain bread with. However, our baking powder seemed to have gone missing and instead of running to the store we decided to improvise. The result was these delicious, simple and relatively healthy banana oatmeal stout pancakes. keep reading...

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November 26th, 2013 at 10:21 am

Irelandia (Ireland + India) – Curried Cabbage & Pairings


Saint Patrick’s Day is almost upon us and here at BLC that means cooking up something delicious (and maybe wearing a little green as well). Since no doubt we will soon be hearing the (let’s be honest, sometimes blaring) tones of bagpipes in the air it seemed like we should prepare something to honor this holiday from the Emerald Isle. It seems no Irish inspired meal is complete without cabbage, so in addition to our Blind Bat Stout Stew, we also cooked up a curried cabbage side dish. You may be asking, “Is this another recipe with a twist?” Yes, yes we did decide to add a twist to our cabbage. While we think corned beef and cabbage is a fine choice for your St. Pat’s celebration we wanted to try two recipes that were a bit different and offered some more depth of flavor to pair with the beers we would be enjoying. This side dish was savored with our stout stew, but it would make a suitable side dish for just about any St. Patty’s Day meal. This could also be turned into a hearty main course on its own by adding meat or tofu in the mix. This dish is savory, a little spicy and was quite tasty. keep reading...