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Craft Beer at Nassau Coliseum: The Final Season


Bryan Trottier Honored by Islanders

This is the final countdown for Long Island based fans of the New York Islanders. Next year the team will move from it’s home since 1972, the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The Isles have been giving their fans a year to remember. If you plan on heading to the “Old Barn” to watch them play you may find yourself in search of a beer. While actual “craft beer” is in short supply there is enough of it peppered throughout the Coliseum to keep those looking to “fuss” over a brew happy. Don’t forget Oyster Bay Brewing Company hooked up to create Barn Rocker with the Isles. It’s their official beer and you can read about it here. keep reading...

One Distributor to Sell Them All: Clare Rose Incorporated Begins Distributing Port Jeff Brewing

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They Said Yes!
Get ready for a local favorite to become more widely available. Clare Rose Incorporated has scored themselves the distribution rights for another Long Island craft brewery, Port Jeff Brewing Company. This “marriage” of brewery and distributer begins today, November 3rd 2014. Clare Rose Inc. (CRI) supplies both counties on Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk, and with Port Jeff Brewing Company (PJBC) in the fold they now hold the rights to most of the elder breweries on Long Island. keep reading...

Pork & Craft Beer Festival @ Topping Rose House – May 3, 2014


Image Courtesy of Topping Rose House

Image Courtesy of Topping Rose House

This Saturday, May 3, the Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton will be hosting the Pork & Craft Beer Festival. The event, which features local food and local beverages, will run from 1-4 pm. However, VIP ticket holders gain entrance at noon for an extra hour of indulgence.

Topping Rose House chefs have crafted a menu showcasing all parts of the pig and when they are not busy preparing and serving,¬†will be mingling with guests. Several key menu elements are coming from local purveyors. DeBragga located in NYC and in operations since the 1920’s is providing meat for items like the pork terrine. Also attending will be Montauk Shellfish Company (proudly billed as the exclusive growers of “Montauk Pearls”). Offerings crafted with these ingredients will include oysters on the half shell, grilled sausages with condiments, hand carved pork belly schwarma and not to leave out everyone’s favorite, there will be chicharrones and bacon sliders. keep reading...

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May 2nd, 2014 at 8:41 am

A Beer Haul Highlighting an Invasion of Beer not Officially Distributed on Long Island – February 23 2014



Our Unexpected Beer Haul

On a recent trip to a local beer distributor (or bevy as they are known around here) we found more than a few surprises waiting for us. usually when we pop into a local shop we have an idea of something we’d like to purchase and a willing sense of wonder for what we may discover.

We wandered in to a bevy after taking a little Sunday drive to look for locations for our wedding. After driving around the North Shore of Long Island for a while a break was in order. We decided to stop into the bevy for a quick break planning to head out for lunch at the Lark Pub & Grub afterward. keep reading...

Blue Point Brewing Company Acquired by Anheuser-Busch InBev – Kevin’s Take


(A letter sent to the members of Brewer’s East End Revival)


For us it was not a problem. Alicia and I said that if (for some reason) a large company wanted to buy Beer Loves Company we would totally sell it to them. That would be great for us in the same way that the sale of Blue Point Brewery to ABInbev is good for Mark, Pete and their investors. They are getting rewarded for all of their hard work. Mark & Pete doing well and being successful is a different thing though from what most people seem to be reacting to. keep reading...

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February 8th, 2014 at 10:10 am