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ESB (Extra Special Bitter) – Long Ireland Beer Company (2014)


20140602-173414.jpgBLC Says:
Extra Special Bitter or ESB is a style that has it’s origins in the brewing traditions of the United Kingdom. This English pale ale, while sounding like it could be packed with hops, is actually a malt driven beer. The bitterness referred to by the moniker Extra Special Bitter actually is presented as a counter point and balance to the malt base. These brews tend to have a little more oomph in the alcohol department so they were given the “Extra” or sometimes “Strong” tag, differentiating them from Ordinary/Standard and Special/Best/Premium bitters. American interpretations of this classic English ale tend to include more hop flavor and aroma. We are glad to sample any bitter when we come across one as they are a bit of a rarity and it was a nice surprise to find another well made version brewed on Long Island. keep reading...

Written by A+K

June 6th, 2014 at 10:20 am

Pork & Craft Beer Festival at The Topping Rose House



This past Saturday, the Topping Rose House held its first annual Pork & Craft Beer Festival, which is exactly what it sounds like. The small luxury hotel in Bridgehampton is also home to a farm-to-table restaurant owned by celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and run by executive chef Ty Kotz.

Kotz and crew, including chef de cuisine Kyle Koenig, who along with his wife Jessica created the event, put out an impressive spread where pork was undoubtedly the star. In lieu of flowers, each table’s centerpiece was a vase of homemade chicharrones and melt in your mouth bacon. Muffaletta sliders, four varieties of cut sausages including rich spicy andouille with creamy red beans, and crispy pork belly with chimichurri never ran low and remained artfully arranged all afternoon. However, the real standout was the pork belly schwarma. Tender roasted porchetta had a perfectly crunchy skin and was served with homemade potato rolls and pickles, which complemented the rich pork and added a sweet, tangy element. keep reading...

Condzella Hops: The Season Comes Full Circle



This years hop harvest has drawn to an end, as the short window in which hops need to be picked is now closed. Though the season is an extremely short one, we saw firsthand at Condzella Hops all the hard work and preparation that precedes the two-three week long harvest. They had a whirlwind of a year with the acquisition of Beer Loves Company + Hops and the ensuing modifications to make sure it was harvest ready. Though it came down to the wire, John Condzella was able to get the machine working efficiently which greatly increased their ability to harvest their hops. keep reading...

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September 17th, 2013 at 5:20 pm

TAP NY 2013 – One Mountainous Celebration of NY Beer


This past Saturday, April 18, we had the privilege of attending Tap NY, which is an annual craft beer festival held at Hunter Mountain in upstate New York. Though the event is already on it’s 15th year, this was our first time attending, so we were not 100% sure what to expect other than New York based craft beer and food (which was more than enough for us to make the journey). Since Hunter Mountain is a bit of a trek and no one wants to attend a beer festival and look, not drink, Kevin Bowker from Tapped Enterprises set up an all inclusive trip which provided a ticket to Tap NY as well as round trip bus transportation for a reasonable price. Many members of L.I.B.M.E chose to take the bus up, as well as some other beer enthusiasts from Long Island who were just looking to enjoy the day. keep reading...

Blue Point Cask Festival 2013: Until Next Year…


Though the Blue Point Cask Fest did not begin until 2 pm, we arrived shortly after noon to help set up (and get a first look at what the other brewers had on tap). The parking lot of Blue Point Brewery was already buzzing at this point as everyone was congregating under the massive tent that had been set up to house the casks and breweries. We quickly found our way to the Brewers East End Revival (B.E.E.R)  table, which was conveniently located next to the Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts (LIBME) table. In total, B.E.E.R would be serving 8 home brews, one of which was our very own Fünke a Mint Blueberry Kölsch which we brewed with Bobby Rodriguez. Due to the large number of casks present, there was a bit of a tap shortage, but it seemed like everyone was eventually able to work it out and get their beer flowing. Since we were unable to be there when Bobby transferred the beer from carboy into the cask and added the mint and blueberry flavoring, the first time we actually tasted Fünke was a couple short hours before we would be serving it to the thirsty patrons of this event. keep reading...