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Oyster Bay Brewing Company Releases Barn Rocker, The Official Beer of the New York Islanders


To commemorate the New York Islanders last season at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, aka the “Old Barn,” Oyster Bay Brewing Company is releasing Barn Rocker, a “session ale.” The beer is already on tap in the Oyster Bay tasting room and will be debuting at the Coliseum Friday 1/16 for the game vs. the hated Pittsburgh Penguins. In case any Islander fan is looking for yet another excuse to drink during a Penguins game, here it is.


Owner and brewer Gabe Haim calls the beer “crafty” and says, “We tried to make a beer that the Budweiser crowd could drink and craft beer people would appreciate also.” Coming in at 4% ABV, he describes it at as a flavorful, easy to drink crisp ale. For those who skew more towards the “craft beer people” end of the spectrum, it was brewed with a British malt profile, fuggle hops and Oyster Bay Brewing Company’s house yeast. keep reading...

Crafting a Beer: Aftermath – Saint Remo Gruit Ale (2013)



When we arrived at Nassau Coliseum for the Spring Craft Beer Festival around 10:30 am it was already filled with people setting up for the day ahead. We were stationed at the LIBME table along with other brewers and members of the club who were volunteering. At the table, there were 12 beers on tap brewed by club members including 2 Irish reds, a gluten free brew, a white IPA, a Jaegermeister stout and, of course, our Saint Remo Gruit. Before the doors opened to the public, we had the chance to offer our beer to other home brewers and commercial brewers who were exhibitors at the show, and the reaction was mostly favorable. Since a hopless beer is a bit against the grain, especially in a market saturated with extreme IPA’s, it did attract attention from the brewing community. It was a surreal experience having professional brewers sample something that we had created giving us meaningful feedback and showing genuine interest in what we brewed.
At 12:30, once patrons were allowed in, the LIBME table immediately attracted traffic. Our tap was right next to the Jaegermeister stout (which was a crowd favorite), so we had prime real estate in the jockey box. To our surprise, there were many request to sample the “herbal gruit”, which honestly did not sound like the most appealing beer on tap. Disclaimer: there were a few people who read the description quickly and thought it said “herbal fruit”, which has a bit of a nicer ring to it if you have no context for what a “gruit” may be. Nevertheless, it was generally well received by the crowd and seemed to appeal to a wide variety of beer drinkers and even some light beer lovers, since it did not have a bitter hop presence that does not agree with everyone. keep reading...

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March 13th, 2013 at 9:35 pm

Crafting a Beer: Execution – Saint Remo Gruit Ale (2013)


After carefully constructing our gruit recipe and purchasing the ingredients, it was finally time to brew. Bearing copious amounts of citrus and herbs, we arrived at Franks bright and early to get started brewing on his ten gallon brewing set up. Though this was not our first time brewing, it was the first time we had a hand in writing the recipe, so the stakes seemed a bit higher and we hoped the end result would be even more rewarding.

Despite most people enjoying a cold brew every once in awhile (or a bit more often, for some), the brewing process is something of an illusive mystery for most casual beer enthusiasts. Vorlauf, sparge and mash-tun are words that sound foreign and rarely come up while relaxing with your favorite beer, but they are part of the every day vocabulary of brewers. As two relative novices to home brewing, we are still learning most of the terminology, technique and tips as well. Here is how our Saint Remo gruit brew day progressed: keep reading...

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March 6th, 2013 at 4:35 am

Crafting a Beer: Inception – Saint Remo Gruit Ale (2013)


This Saturday, March 9, Nassau Coliseum will be hosting its 7th annual Spring Craft Beer Festival. There will be over 50 brewers from Long Island and across the country in attendance pouring 2 oz. samples of their beers. There are two sessions (12:30 pm-4:00 pm and 5:30 pm-9:00 pm) and tickets are still available though the events website. We attended the event last year and were able to sample brews from many of our favorite commercial breweries, but home brewers are fairly represented as well. LIBME (Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts) will have a table at both sessions where home brewers from the club will be pouring their creations. On tap will be Saint Remo, a modern day gruit that Beer Loves Company brewed in collaboration with our friend Frank of “Big C” brewery. keep reading...

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March 4th, 2013 at 10:41 pm