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The 35th Annual A.H.A. National Homebrewers Conference: The Aftermath


Last month (Saturday, June 29) the 35th annual A.H.A. National Homebrewers Conference wrapped up in Philadelphia. The commencement dinner banquet was preceded by three full days of seminars, events, tastings, meet & greets and vendor exhibits. Overall it was a hectic, information filled weekend that was hosted at the downtown Marriott but the festivities and craft beer enthusiasm quickly spilled out into much of the city of Philadelphia.


Our time in Philly actually kicked off on Wednesday morning, a full day before the conference began, when we arrived to take the tasting portion of the BJCP exam. After passing the online test the previous week, and practicing beer tasting for the better part of the last couple years, we arrived a bit anxious but ready to go. The exam was 90 minutes long and the largest BJCP tasting exam yet, with over 60 participants. Six beers were served and each exam taker had 15 minutes to judge each brew as if it was a BJCP sanctioned homebrew competition. Though the experience was a bit intimidating, and after comparing notes after it seems everyone had their own opinions on the beers, it was definitely a fitting way to kick off the weekend. Plus, we don’t find out our scores for at least a couple months so the outcome wasn’t able to negatively effect anyones conference experience. keep reading...

MALT-n-PEPA & WHATTA MAN-GO – Brewing up TWO Wheat Beers




Recently we here at BLC brewed two wheat beers for the American Homebrewers Association’s 35th Annual National Homebrewers Conference. These takes on the wheat/hefeweizen style/s were crafted with our good friend Frank Filacchione. Our well received and LIB Magazine “Top 5 Beers from local Long Island Brewing Companies” (even though we aren’t a brewing company) Saint Remo Gruit Ale was conceived of and brewed with big FRANK. He is an award winning home brewer and is one of our favorite brewing partners. Each of us are hard at work on a new ale recipe for the upcoming North Fork Craft Beer, BBQ & Wine Festival at Martha Clara Vineyards (it will be delicious). We are all members of Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts (L.I.B.M.E.) a local Long Island homebrewing club and brewed Malt-n-Pepa and Whatta Man-Go to be poured at Club Night event during NHC 2013. This evening was a gathering of homebrewing clubs from around the country pouring beers ranging from an old bay gose all of the way to a three year aged cherry lambic. We will be providing a full run down of the night and our adventures featuring two grodzikies, beer served from a mine cart, talking with a brewing legend and more soon. For now back to Malt-n-Pepa and Whatta Man-Go keep reading...

BROWN (out) – Brewing up an American Brown Ale



YOU: Hello.

BLC: Hey.

YOU: So you guys brewed a Brown Ale huh? You don’t often see those available.

BLC: Hell yeah we brewed a Brown Ale!!!

YOU: This Brown Ale was served in a cask?

BLC: Yeah, cask ale = real ale (at least according to CAMRA)

YOU: How did it go over?

BLC: We kicked a 10 gallon firkin in one night and got nice feedback, in other words: GREAT.

YOU: Nice now how did you guys over at Beer Loves Company come to brew this beer?

BLC: Read on to the next paragraph to find out!

Still with us? Good. Now, this Brown Ale we brewed was truly the brain child of our friend Matt Bollerman. We were both lucky enough to have the chance to brew this beer with Matt who is an experienced Beer Judge Certification Program judge and an award winning homebrewer. All of us belong to both the Brewer’s East End Revival (B.E.E.R.) and Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts (L.I.B.M.E.) and met through these local clubs. keep reading...