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Brewing a Local Gluten Free Cider w/ Bourbon Oak Chips

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20140414-094159.jpgFor this year’s 10th Anniversary Blue Point Brewery Cask Ale Festival Alicia suggested we brew a cider. We have crafted several ciders (succesfully) for many events held across Long Island over the last few years so this was an easy decision to make. The 10th Anniversary of the Blue Point Brewery Cask Festival would mark the first time, ever, Beer Loves Company would make a cider and cask condition it.

To create our product we decided to go with unpasteurized apple cider from local Richter’s Orchards in Northport, NY. At first we were a bit hesitant to use cider in this state but after talking with the people at Richter’s we thought, what the hell. Our goal with this cider was to try and make something we would enjoy. We weren’t thinking about anyone else’s palates but ours when putting ideas together. So if the people who essentially live apples suggest unpasteurized cider (which they said would give us a truer apple taste) then that was good enough for us. keep reading...

Tart of Darkness – The Bruery (2012)


BLC Says
The Bruery Tart of Darkness is another big, bold flavored, barrel aged brew from the Placentia, California locals. ToD was brewed as an average, 5.6% abv stout. The Bruery, being who they are, then took that stout which was probably a very solid and sessionable brew and tossed it into oak barrels which previously contained the much sought after Black Tuesday. Wild yeasts and a special blend of souring bacteria were then added to the barrels. The final product is a sour and tart stout coming in at 8% abv. That sounds more like a beer from the “Famille Rue”. keep reading...

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January 4th, 2013 at 6:10 pm