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Port Jeff Brewing Company & Bobby Rodriguez Imperial Force Ready to Debut


Humble Cups Holding Blends of Imperial Force

Humble Plastic Cups Holding Blends of Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Force

Edit: To quote Mike Philbrick there was an “operator error” on our original article. Imperial Force will be released on draught December 26 at 7 pm at the Country Corner in East Seauket and in bottles around the new year.

Da Da Da Dada Da Dada Da…

Rain fell at the 2013 Brewers East End Revival Brew-Off award ceremony. The day began sunny and with chaotic activity taking place in and around the location, a small American Legion Hall in Saint James, New York. As modest as the space¬†and event were, lots of planning had been devoted to assuring this iteration of the annual event was well organized and run to the Beer Judge Certification Program standards. Additionally, steps were taken to include food, drink, fun and prizes for volunteers who would be sacrificing one of their Saturdays in May by helping to set up, pour beer and organize results. Through sheer lack of interest from other club members, Beer Loves Company’s very own Kevin ended up as the “Competition Coordinator” which meant by proxy Alicia was on the job too. Though trying, the day would prove enjoyable for us, A+K, as we saw homebrewers and attendees both discuss brewing and cheer each other on when awards were handed out to those who had crafted fine ales, lagers, ciders or meads. keep reading...

Brewing a Funky Fresh Hop Ale with Port Jeff Brewing Company



Hops have been a hot topic with us lately. It is after all the season when breweries around the world release their freshly hopped brews on the thirsty masses. With these beers breweries and farms (or homebrewers and their gardens) are moving one step closer to providing a beverage that offers a sense of place. These beers also are a boon to the imbiber not inclined to sip a spiced, sweet beer from a glass rimmed with sugar or caramel syrup. Hops and the harvest season should be celebrated by all beer fans and we here at Beer Loves Company have taken full advantage of this. We have used them in our Amalgam in the Middle cider/beer hybrid, picked them ourselves straight from the bine, hauled them from Condzella Hops to Long Ireland Beer Company for their fresh hop brew day and even had a chance to dry them for (hopefully) later use. keep reading...

Written by A+K

September 27th, 2013 at 3:40 pm

Starboard Oatmeal Stout – Port Jeff Brewing Company (2012)


BLC Says:
Port Jeff Brewing Company Starboard Oatmeal Stout is a brew that has been on tap in their tasting room and at a few area locations, but they only recently began bottling it in 22 oz. bombers. We secured a few directly from the brewery shortly afterward. Having already enjoyed the beer on tap and cask we were ready to, in keeping with PJBC’s nautical theme, “dive into” the bottled version.

SOS pours opaque black with a sand colored creamy head that never rises too much and quickly settles into a slight ring around the edges of the glass. Lacing never truly becomes a part of the equation. Aroma-wise, this has a lot in common with a milk stout presenting a sweet creaminess to the imbiber. Notes of earth, grain and oatmeal in addition to mild roasted malts are packed in this brew as well. The scent actually comes off as smooth which incidentally is the way this brew felt too. Overall the beer is sweet with a creamy element to it and hints of roasted malt, some chocolate and faint accents of licorice. The real star here are the enjoyable notes of oatmeal as they really come through. The carbonation in this is very light, making the beer feel quite silky on the palate. A slightly bitter finish is welcome as it brings a some of balance to this beer which was crafted with brown sugar. The aftertaste brings back light lingering oatmeal, a milky-sweetness joining with the mildly roasted bitterness and a slight warming quality in the finish (due to its ample 9.2% abv) for a satisfying encore. Starboard Oatmeal Stout is a big beer which is packed with oatmeal flavor, a creamy sweetness and supported by roasted malts. The brew is smooth and drinkable but watch out the higher than average abv could sneak up on you. Perhaps that is why Port Jeff Brewing Company named this beer SOS, after a few of these you may need a rescue. keep reading...

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January 7th, 2013 at 1:00 am