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Southern Tier Pumking vs Pumking



Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin, PUMPKIN! It seems like every year the flavors of fall begin their spicy, sticky and sweet barrage on our taste buds closer and closer to beach season. Some people have called this slide into lunacy “Seasonal Creep” but we prefer to tag it with a what we feel is a more apro poe, Seasonal Sleaze.

That is right, Seasonal Sleaze. Pumpkin this and pumpkin that “season” is like a reeeeaaaalllllyyyy drawn out Shark Week where people go around telling anybody within earshot how much they loooovvvveee pumpkin. “Oh have you had the new pumpkin spiced latte at Suck a Ducks?”, no we haven’t but are sure you will fill us in. “Did you try the spicy pumpkin crusty holes from Dumpy Donuts?”, nah kid we don’t eat those but it sure looks like you enjoy them. This onslaught of spiced and iced goods lasts quite a long time and while people do seem to enjoy these “treats” we’d say it has nothing to do with pumpkin at all. In reality what do they love? They love sugar and spice and whatever tastes nice. These people do not actually love pumpkin or the flavor of pumpkins (or sharks for that matter) they love sweet, sugary shit. When they order a pumpkin beer they make sure they get a full brown rim job every time loads with spices and sugar. keep reading...

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October 31st, 2013 at 4:05 am

Port Jeff Brewing Company 2nd Anniversary Party – Saturday October 19, 2013



Owner & Brewmaster Mike Philbrick celebrating his brewery’s 1st birthday
It’s hard to believe that just two short years ago a trip to the quaint waterfront town of Port Jefferson, Long Island couldn’t be capped off by a brewery visit. Thankfully, Port Jeff Brewing Company came in and changed all that. Replacing The Red Sled Christmas Shoppe (don’t worry Santa enthusiasts, they just moved to the Harbor Square Mall), PJBC became the first and only brewery in owner Mike Philbricks hometown. keep reading...