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Oyster Bay Brewing Company Releases Barn Rocker, The Official Beer of the New York Islanders


To commemorate the New York Islanders last season at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, aka the “Old Barn,” Oyster Bay Brewing Company is releasing Barn Rocker, a “session ale.” The beer is already on tap in the Oyster Bay tasting room and will be debuting at the Coliseum Friday 1/16 for the game vs. the hated Pittsburgh Penguins. In case any Islander fan is looking for yet another excuse to drink during a Penguins game, here it is.


Owner and brewer Gabe Haim calls the beer “crafty” and says, “We tried to make a beer that the Budweiser crowd could drink and craft beer people would appreciate also.” Coming in at 4% ABV, he describes it at as a flavorful, easy to drink crisp ale. For those who skew more towards the “craft beer people” end of the spectrum, it was brewed with a British malt profile, fuggle hops and Oyster Bay Brewing Company’s house yeast. keep reading...

Who Wants to be a Session Beer?

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sessionbeer‘Tis the season for sessions. But wait, what exactly is a session beer anyway? Yesterday we turned to the masses at Reddit to find out what canned, session IPA’s people turn to in the heat and were met with a wide variety of responses ranging from Evil Twin’s 2.7% AVB Bikini Beer to 6.8% Pizza Port Swamis IPA, which is probably stretching it a bit. There was even one creative gentlemen who used to mix New Belgium’s Ranger with equal parts water to create his own session IPA, claiming the old recipe had just the right amount of sweetness to make it work. keep reading...

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June 18th, 2014 at 1:30 pm

All Day IPA – Founders Brewing Company (2013)



BLC Says:
Founders All Day IPA is sub-labeled “Session Ale”, making this their take on that rapidly growing section of the beer market. A “session ale” essentially means is a beer you can drink during a period of time (or session) without becoming overwhelmed by its alcohol content. These session beers can be consumed in reasonable quantity but should have full depth of flavor. Basically a brew in this style could take the place of a “light” beer (having a similar alcohol by volume or ABV) while providing a world of flavor not found in the world of Macro “light” beer. To learn more about session beer head over to the aptly named, Session Beer Project by Lew Bryson. keep reading...

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March 21st, 2013 at 5:14 pm