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Pork & Craft Beer Festival at The Topping Rose House



This past Saturday, the Topping Rose House held its first annual Pork & Craft Beer Festival, which is exactly what it sounds like. The small luxury hotel in Bridgehampton is also home to a farm-to-table restaurant owned by celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and run by executive chef Ty Kotz.

Kotz and crew, including chef de cuisine Kyle Koenig, who along with his wife Jessica created the event, put out an impressive spread where pork was undoubtedly the star. In lieu of flowers, each table’s centerpiece was a vase of homemade chicharrones and melt in your mouth bacon. Muffaletta sliders, four varieties of cut sausages including rich spicy andouille with creamy red beans, and crispy pork belly with chimichurri never ran low and remained artfully arranged all afternoon. However, the real standout was the pork belly schwarma. Tender roasted porchetta had a perfectly crunchy skin and was served with homemade potato rolls and pickles, which complemented the rich pork and added a sweet, tangy element. keep reading...

On Second Thought… Southampton Publick House WILL Release Their Russian Imperial Stout in 2013!!!


UPDATE: There are 450 bottles (750 ml) available for sale at the brewery. The brewmaster Evan Addario wanted to keep this hush, hush so those that frequent Southampton Publick House could grab some bottles. He didn’t want all of them to go to people who just show up when “rarities” are available. Head over to the brewery to get a bottle (2 bottle limit per person). Most importantly visit Southampton more frequently as Evan says he puts up one-offs often.

You may have read somewhere that Southampton Publick House would not be putting out their Russian Imperial Stout in 2013. Okay, it was here at Beer Loves Company where you may have read that. Well it seems that was a fib, or at least let’s say a glitch in the Matrix. keep reading...

Written by A+K

March 1st, 2013 at 4:57 pm

Imperial Porter – Southampton Publick House (2011)


Southampton Imperial Porter Aged 1 one year

BLC Says:
Since we were on the topic of Southampton Publick house in both good (fall fun) and bad (canceling the 2013 Russian imperial stout release), it seemed like a good time to pop open one of their beers. In the depths of the Beer Loves Company cold storage units (which are guarded by a Black Unicorn) we happened to have an aged bottle of Southampton Imperial Porter. Imperial (Baltic) porters are perfect for this lull between fall and winter, so into our glasses it went.

This 2011 brew is a deep, opaque black with ruby hues that appear when the light hits it. There is a small tan head that quickly settles down, leaving what looks like an oil slick on top of the liquid and a tiny bit of lacing. Dark fruits (figs, raisins, dates), sweet malt and alcohol all come through in the scent, which is a bit on the strong side although it balances nicely. The sip is a bit more complex. It begins with a touch of a bitterness but before you can adjust to that, sweet dark fruits come rushing in. These flavors are then quickly whisked away with a dry finish and the bitterness from earlier returns in the aftertaste. A faint coffee taste is left in your mouth which is odd since there is not a coffee/cocoa presence throughout. It does seem like aging this for a year allowed the flavors to develop and intensify while bringing an overall lighter presence to the brew. We will buy a fresh bottle this year to compare. All in the name of science, of course. keep reading...

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November 29th, 2012 at 10:16 pm

Southampton – A Photo Journal of Fall Festivities


After breaking the tragic news that the release of Southampton Publick House Russian Imperial Stout is cancelled for 2012, we decided a little levity was in order. We offer here a post collecting of images from our trip this past fall to Southampton. Over the last three years we have headed out to Eastern Long Island, before Halloween, with the intention to grab some pumpkins and try some beer. Our destinations have been Hank’s Pumpkintown (which was insanley packed this year) and Southampton Publick House. Last year we even stopped at Duck Walk Vineyards, which is across from Hanks’s, but this year we opted not to as it seemed like every parent out there decided to drown their sorrows in some vino. keep reading...

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November 29th, 2012 at 2:41 pm

Tragedy Dear Friends, Southampton Publick House Cancels 2013 Russian Imperial Stout Release


Dear Reader,

We here at Beer Loves Company have tragic, tragic news to report. This year Southampton Publick House has decided to cancel their Russian Imperial Stout release. You may be thinking (perhaps bellowing aloud) a gut-wrenching, “NOOOOOOO!!!!!”, we understand your pain. The BLC gang was eager to enlist some fellow beer lovers, pack up the car, wake up before dawn and stand in line for the release of Southampton Publick House Russian Imperial Stout. Unfortunately we all will have to wait until 2014. keep reading...

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November 28th, 2012 at 10:24 pm