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Miller Chill the Light Beer with Lime & Salt that Wouldn’t die…Until it Did



And now for something from the scrap heap. Today we offer up an oddity dug up from a time capsule of beer drinking past. After we recently put together our review of Westbrook Brewing Company’s Gose the margarita like flavors Alicia picked up reminded us of an article Kevin had written in the olden times before Beer Loves Company. This article covered (what was then) a new beer on the market which took the effort of squeezing a lime and salting the rim out of your hands and put it into a bright green bottle with a standard American Lager. We speak of none other than Miller Chill. Yes folks, Miller Chill a beer which we had thought went the way of Zima and other malt beverage curiosities before doing a little research for this entry. keep reading...

Written by A+K

November 22nd, 2013 at 2:00 pm