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Home from Germany with the Best Kind of Souvenirs (Hint: it’s Beer)



So our Christmacation through Germany is over. We’re back home on Long Island and thoughts of liverwurst, glühwein and gnomes sneaking about at night dance in our heads. Cologne and Düsseldorf were packed with more sights and delicious delights then we had bargained for. Both of us will always remember our trip fondly, from our memories and the fun treats we brought back.

Our small carry on suitcases which have been our travel companions through all of our journeys have had many delicious beers carefully stowed within them and this return trip from Deutschland was no different. We were able to fit many Kölsch and Altbiers in our two cases wrapping them in clothes and packing everything in tightly. This time we even brought along ziplock bags to place the bottles in before storing them. Of the many breweries we visited we decided that we’d pick our three favorites in each city and bring back two beers from each one. That lead to the following coming home to Long Island with us. keep reading...

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December 23rd, 2013 at 1:00 pm

Beer Loves Company in Dusseldorf, Germany!


Düsseldorf: home of Christmas markets, potato pancakes and Altbier. Düseldorf is home to nine brewpubs that all produce Altbier on site and we were able to visit a good chunk of them in just under three days (sounds like a tough job right?).

Geeky beer side note: Altbier came about in 1838 when the Schümacher brewery needed a name to distinguish their top fermenting beer from the other bottom fermenting beers being produced. Alt is typically a dark copper color with some fruity esters accenting the malty, hoppy backbone. As with the Kölsch in Cologne each Alt brewery (or brauerei in German) falls somewhere along the spectrum. We both found Altbier to be a very tasty and highly drinkable style. We would welcome craft brewers here at home to try their hand at producing this “old style” brew. keep reading...

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December 18th, 2013 at 2:50 pm

Beer Loves Company in Cologne, Germany!


Cologne, Germany (know as Köln to it’s people) is the birthplace and home of Kölsch beer. Kölsch is warm-fermented & cold-conditioned (or lagered) and results in a brew that is straw yellow in color with prominent hoppiness. Kölsch, like Cologne itself, has been in direct competition with Altbier and neighboring Düsseldorf for many years.

As we are learning, there are 13 breweries in Cologne who produce Kölsch and they all serve it in a similar fashion: refilling your .2 L glass whenever it looks a bit low, without any prompting (most times). Take note, New York. Of course, this trip isn’t all about beer as we have been taking in the Christmas themed sights as well. Here are a few moments from our journey before we move on to Düsseldorf, home of the Altbier. keep reading...

Craft Beer in Disney World? It Does Exist!


Note: This information is from a late Spring 2013 trip to Disney World, so the exact beers listed are likely still not on tap. However, we found the locations mentioned to consistently have solid options, so we can still enthusiastically recommend them. If you just came back from a recent trip, let us know what you have found!

Before you head out check out the Disney World Vacation & Savings Tavel Guide (Written by an ex-Disney employee) for great money saving tips.

Although Walt Disney World is often times referred to as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” it is not typically thought of as a vacation spot where you can get a craft beer fix. Oddly enough, after waiting on an hour long line for a thirty second ride in summer weather, one starts to daydream of a cold refreshing brew (and we’re not talking an $8 Bud Light). On a recent week-long family trip to Disney World we found ourselves in just that situation. Luckily, amongst the frozen margarita stands and beer kiosks, we actually found several locations within the Disney community with very respectable beer lists. Obviously, and sadly, we were not able to seek out every craft beer that was offered so if you have any tips or pointers feel free to comment for future Disney-goers. keep reading...

Everyday Life: Japan II



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February 21st, 2013 at 9:55 pm