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Cuvaison 2014 by Greenport Harbor Brewing Company: Brewed Using Grapes From Jamesport Vineyards



GHBC Account Manager Justin Wesnofske and Co-owner John Liegey

Loosely translating as a sense of place, terroir refers to the effect a region has had on the production of agricultural products. In the past such a thing was not possible in beer since brewery consolidation and expansion as well as environmental factors (like downy mildew) caused the closure of many malt and hop producers across the country. In fact, most malt used to brew some of your favorite beer is not made from grain grown in the United States. In recent years however there has been a shift, as in many things culinary, toward local ingredients. Large scale craft breweries like Rogue Ales in Oregon and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in California cultivate their own hops and malt from which they craft beers expressing a sense of place. On a smaller scale, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company has taken the steps toward bringing terroir to the North Fork of Long Island. keep reading...

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December 5th, 2014 at 12:30 pm

Tapped Enterprises: Looking for a Ticket to Ride?



With breweries, craft beers bars and beer-centric festivals popping up everywhere lately, this is definitely an exciting time for beer lovers and those just getting into the scene. However, all these alcohol based events do pose a bit of a problem, especially living on Long Island where everything is fairly spread out: How can you engage in these imbibing activities while safely transporting yourself home? Well, Kevin Bowker at Tapped Enterprises has that taken care of for you.


Tapped Enterprises provides transportation to beer festivals as well as brewery tours, wine tours and custom bachelor/bachelorette/any celebration parties. But like most companies, Tapped Enterprises had humble beginnings and has come a long way. Kevin Bowker started Tapped Enterprises in 2008 selling posters and beer flags to college kids. For awhile, he spent most of his time in his van, travelling to different campuses and selling his wares. When he returned home from this entrepreneurial road trip, he decided to set up a table at the first ever Nassau Coliseum Craft Beer Festival to display and sell his beer merchandise to a different and wider audience, as craft beer was really taking off at the time. As most tend to do at these festivals, a group of Kevin’s friends had too much to drink, but since he was working he was able to safely transport them home in his van. This is where the idea for Tapped Enterprises as you know it today was born. keep reading...

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May 10th, 2013 at 1:25 am