The Five Beers of Thanksgiving


It’s almost time for Thanksgiving. Get ready to sit around a table with family, give thanks for all the wonderful things in your life and eat and drink an absurd amount. Everyone knows what foods a traditional Thanksgiving feast consists of, but what would an all beer meal look like? Think Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only instead of her whole meal being in the form of bubble gum yours is more on the liquid side. And hopefully minus turning blue and having to be rolled away from the table, but we make no promises there.



Thanksgiving Dish: The star of the show. The big kahuna. Of course, we mean the turkey. Probably the only time of the year most people pop a 20 pound bird in the oven and get carving, but it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving with out it.

Wonka Beer: You anxiously wait all year for Southern Tier Pumking come out and when it finally does you may overinduldge a bit. It’s one of the staples of the fall holiday season, but once April rolls around it somehow seems a little less appealing. Don’t worry though, if you get a hankering again it will be back in August.

Thanksgiving Dish: Canned, chunky, citrus infused, homemade from organic berries…cranberry sauce can be as basic or fancy as you please. However, the version most people picture is still shaped like the can it sits in on grocery store shelves, just waiting for its big day.

Wonka Beer: There’s 90, 120 and now even 61, but Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA is the classic many have come to know, love and expect. Sure you can get a little more wild with it, but today is not the day to break tradition and be the one who shows up with something too out there for the rest of the group. 8 Minute IPA Abs can wait until one of those crazy holidays, like Easter with all it’s bunnies and eggs. Unless of course you’re our next combo…

Thanksgiving Dish: The kind of weird side dish your kind of weird aunt brings over; you either love it or hate it. A bizarre mix of canned beans, canned soup and pre-fried onion, the green bean casserole usually only appears once a year.

Wonka Beer: The Bruery Sour in the Rye with Kumquats is a bit elusive and you’re either really excited to see it or kind of skeptical about the ingredient combo. Unless you’re a huge fan, or a bit of a maniac, you’re probably never going to drink a whole bottle of this by yourself and will instead reserve it for sharing on a special occasion with friends and family. Get ready for some mixed reactions.

Thanksgiving Dish: Because straight up baked potatoes don’t scream “special occasion”, those babies are getting mashed in honor of turkey day. Mashed potatoes are a food that you, a refined gentleman (or woman), probably don’t make all that often. But when they’re part of a Thanksgiving spread you can bet you’re grabbing a scoop or two and making a little gravy volcano, for old times sake.

Wonka Beer: Sam Adams Boston Lager is a familiar go to when “fancier” options aren’t available. Sure, it’s no longer in the same league for you as your favorite craft beer, but you probably enjoyed it during a younger, simpler time. It’s welcome at a holiday feast but goes just as well with some leftover meatloaf and a side of nostalgia.

Thanksgiving Dish: After an insanely filling meal that was probably prefaced with a couple hours of picking on appetizers, what you really need is a pumpkin pie. All season you’ve been teasing yourself with lattes and candles and now it’s finally time for the real thing. A delightful treat that’s a little rich, a little over the top and doesn’t make it’s way to your dinner table every night.

Wonka Beer: Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout is a beer for when you want to treat yo self. Strong yet sweet and though you know you probably shouldn’t, you keep wanting to go back for more. Oh, and we’d imagine it would be pretty delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, just like it’s Thanksgiving counterpart.


Written by A+K

November 26th, 2014 at 11:36 am

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