Top 5 Memorial Day BBQ Beers


First of all, Happy Memorial Day everyone. It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day here on Long Island, so what better way to celebrate America and the unofficial beginning of summer than with an outdoor beer or two? Here are our top staple BBQ/beach/picnic/general time in the sun beers. What beer will you be enjoying today?


Founders All Day IPA: Though this one comes in bottles and cans, our summer vote is for the canned version. Easy drinking but not light on flavor, All Day IPA delivers the perfect hop blast for a hot day. Also, it never hurts that you can get a 15 pack for around $20.


Cider: Yes, not really beer but you can’t argue that cider isn’t refreshing and quite frankly, delicious. If you’re not into the super sweet juice-like stuff try Cidre Bouche Brut De Normandie by Domaine Dupont. A mouthful, but it’s dry and has a sharpness to it that cuts the sugary flavor of the apples.



Westbrook Gose: Sweet and salty, has a low ABV and comes in a can. What more can you really ask for from a BBQ beer? This is a great intro to the style for those who may be wary, but also offers something for those who know what to expect when they open a gose. Also, there is something a little margarita-esque to it which just solidifies it’s place as a great summer brew.


Saison Dupont: Though we originally reviewed this beer in the winter, it’s definitely a year round drinker and has citrus tart flavors that would nicely compliment some grilled meats. This pick is for Kevin, as he is a huge saison fan and will probably pick this or Saison de Lente by The Bruery to enjoy later today.


Homebrew: There are few things more satisfying than spending a day enjoying nature and sipping on a beer that took you several hours (and probably a few weeks on top of that) to create. We recently brewed a session saison with ginger and clove that we are looking forward to enjoying. If only it was easier to transport kegs to the beach…


And some honorable mentions that we will likely crack open at some point today:

Well, maybe not the Miller Chill. Have a wonderful holiday everyone and let us know what craft beer you plan on enjoying today.

Written by A+K

May 26th, 2014 at 9:54 am

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