Tsunami Stout – Pelican Pub & Brewery (2012)


BLC Says:
Pelican Pub & Brewery Tsunami Stout is a year-round offering from this coastal Oregon pub and brewery. We haven’t really seen anything from Pelican Pub & Brewery in local stores, but we were able to obtain a few of their bottles through the magic of the internet. Look for a post on that experience and more reviews from it coming soon.

This rich, black brew has a light caramel head that settles into a thin foam cap and ring around the glass, leaving abundant lacing in its wake (nautical references). The aroma is mostly made up of chocolate and espresso flavors, giving this a mocha feel. A bitter hoppiness breaks this up nicely and prevents the scent from being too sweet or one note. Tsunami Stout has a creamy quality to it with a slight hint of syrup. The smell of this stout is an accurate representation of what is to come with the taste closely following suit, with a bit more complexity. There is a smooth mouthfeel which is nicely complimented by the medium level of carbonation, giving this an almost fluffy quality. The sip starts off with a sweet, chocolate malt flavor followed by roasted coffee and finally finishing on a hoppy, bitter note. This is a stout that will please hop fans but should also hit the mark for those interested in roasted and malty qualities as well.

What Alicia Thinks:
This coffee heavy stout is leaning a bit more towards the bitter end of the spectrum than most, but I think it works. I really got a decent amount of piney hop which could have been dialed back a bit, though that may just be because I am sensitive to hoppy flavors. I think this would be a good “crossover stout” for people that may be more into other styles of craft beer because there is not an extreme sweetness that may be off putting. This was a nice warming winter stout.

What Kevin Thinks:
I really enjoyed Tsunami Stout. This brew does have a lot of hops and bitterness but I think the carbonation, mouthfeel and sweet chocolate notes help to bring things closer toward balance. Several things are going on in this brew, it isn’t just one note. While savoring the brew the chocolate and malt flavors do get a chance to building and layering upon themselves. I would have appreciated the bitterness toned down a bit however as it really dominates through the finish.Tsunami Stout is a nice, complex brew and stout fans should give it a try. For me this is an 8/10.

ABV: 7% IBU: 45 Color: Jet Black Year: 2012 Brewery: Pelican Pub & Brewery

The Brewery Says:
It’ll bowl you over with its midnight black color and rich dark-roasted aroma. Magnum and Willamette hops combine with unmalted barley and roasted malts to give this brew a full body and a dense creamy head. All elements combine in a rich espresso-like finish.

Written by A+K

January 7th, 2013 at 9:31 pm

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